Earn a coveted Star Wars badge via courage, valor, or $3.00 plus pophase.

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Buttons and patches have lengthy been a really vibrant and visual way to screen your love of the Star Wars saga, and earlier in the days of the Official Star Wars Fan Club and Bantha Tracks magazine you had actually the chance to collect both. Let’s step earlier a couple of decades and also look at the butloads and also patches easily accessible to kids of the initially Star Wars generation.


Star Wars Buttons Sets A and also B


First obtainable to fan club members in problem No. 2 of the Official Star Wars Fan Club magazine came these two sets of butloads. Set A carried us seven 1 1/4″ butloads featuring Ben Kenobi, Luke, Princess Leia, Chewbacca, Han Solo, Tusken Raider, and also the main male himself, George Lucas.


Set B featured Darth Vader, Aras well, Threepio, Moff Tarkin, Stormtrooper, Jawa, and also the official fan club circular logo. Often bootlegged, original versions of these 14 butloads are tough to discover however well worth tracking dvery own.

Caravan of Courage Button


With the release of The Ewok Adventure, better recognized in the UK and also Europe as Caravan of Courage, the UK arm of the fan club sent this 2″ button featuring the one and also only Wicket W. Warrick to promote the resulting the TV movie to the UK and also choose European display screens.


Vader in Flames Patch


The iconic McQuarie “Vader in Flames” patch, as checked out on a lot of the cast and crew garments for The Empire Strikes Back (and also on my best arm, as I proudly wear this photo as a tattoo), was initially made easily accessible in Bantha Tracks problem No. 10. It retailed for $3.00 plus 50 cents postage, and in the days prior to Paypal and also debit cards you had actually to pay by check or money order. NO CASH!

Star Wars: A New Hope Embroidered Patch


Available in Bantha Tracks No. 13 for $3.00 plus postage and packaging, this 1975 classical by McQuarrie was yours to sew onto whatever you preferred. A sticker of this picture had been accessible in the incredibly initially fan club kit earlier in 1978, so it was no surprise that it finally made it into a patch. The adjust from the sticker? The complete title of the film, Star Wars: A New Hope.

Star Wars Logo Patch


The iconic logo design of the biggest space fantasy ever before could be yours for $1.25 plus pophase and packaging.

Revenge of the Jedi Cast and also Crew Yoda Patch 


First checked out in Bantha Tracks worry No. 19 for $5.00 consisting of pophase and packaging, this showed simply exactly how connected the magazine was via the fans of the moment. In a period where merchandise of this sort was limited, the possibility to own a actors and crew patch, one-sheet, or costume replica was gold dust.

Return of the Jedi Yoda Patch


Landing swiftly after the initially Yoda patch, this showed up in Bantha Tracks No. 20 and also featured the amfinished Return of the Jedi logo. The ad saw great pains to stress and anxiety that this was not a remanufacturing yet the actual post. $5.00 plus postage and also packaging.

Raiders of the Lost Ark Logo Patch


This generously-sized replica logo patch showed up in Bantha Tracks No. 26. These days it could be tough to impush just exactly how linked Star Wars and also Raiders were. To kids of that generation — watching the credits roll on their shiny brand-new VHS, BetaMax, Laserdisc, or Video 2000 — the artistic minds associated in making Raiders were around to embark on the final Star Wars movie, and also so Indiana Jones ended up being as much a part of the Star Wars legacy as THX, Wally B, and also EditDroid. Back in the ‘80s this treasure can be yours for $3.00 including postage and also packaging.


Official Star Wars Fan Club Patch


This was the original fan club kit from 1978 and made accessible aget in Bantha Tracks No. 13 with a tiny 1 1/2″ patch that presented the Star Wars logo in red via the words “Official Fan Club” running in a ring roughly it. Seen frequently on fan club merchandise in the late ’70s and also beforehand ’80s, this is a mega blast of nostalgia for Bantha Tracks aficionados. The re-released fan club kit went for $12.00 plus $1.50 for pophase and also packaging, $15.00 Canada and also $17.00 international.

The Realm Strikes Back Logo Patch


Made available as component of the Empire fan club kit which replaced the original kit in spring 1980, this was first pointed out in Bantha Tracks No. 8. This was a 2″ wide patch mirroring the classic Realm Strikes Back logo, but squared off, not rectangular as many fans preferred. Renewals at the moment were a mighty $4.00, and also $5.00 for non-US fans, which even given the tides of inflation appeared favor a baracquire that Jabba the Hut would certainly discover difficult to ignore.

Revenge of the Jedi and Rerotate of the Jedi Logo Patches


These were initially in-depth in Bantha Tracks No. 19 from February 1983, and also was part of a collection that contained the iconic fight scene poster, 6 10″ x 8″ shade photographs, a Yoda decal, and a Jedi membership card. One in 4 patches showed the Revenge of the Jedi logo rather of the amended Rerevolve of the Jedi. I was fortunate enough to acquire a Revenge patch, which as a Star Wars-hungry 12-year-old finding out around the saga eexceptionally day, I kbrand-new was distinct and distinctive.

Indiana Jones and also the Temple of Doom Logo Patch


This was part of the 1984 fan club kit initially mentioned in Bantha Tracks No. 24. The set consisted of a babsence folder — which was illustrated through the second Death Star in orbit above Endor by Star Trek style legend Rick Sternbach — and also a mixture of Star Wars and Indiana Jones 10″ x 8″ photographs. Much smaller than the Raiders patch released in May 1983, this even more intertwined the civilizations of Star Wars and also Indiana Jones by means of the fan club and the collective efforts of ILM, Skywalker Sound, and the artistic talents connected.

Lucasfilm Fan Club Patch


Summer 1985 brought us a refresh on the fan club membership kit, and also along with it the last original Bantha Tracks patch. First defined in Bantha Tracks No. 29, the patch proved us the classic Star Wars logo, however opted to use “Lucasfilm Fan Club” instead of the Star Wars certain Bantha Tracks name, a lot of likely a move to signify a transition away from the galaxy far, far ameans and also more towards Earth-bound Lucasfilm jobs. Without a doubt, that exact same problem began a mega sale via distinct commodities diminished by 25-50 percent, as Indiana Jones, Labyrinth, Howard the Duck, and also LucasArts new releases would certainly become the focus over the continuing to be problems. With 2 Ewok movies and two animated series coming and also departing in the time of the final dozen worries and also over a year between the 34th and also 3fifth problem in winter of 1987, it appeared that the Star Wars fan club was slowly receding into the background as new Lucasfilm and ILM jobs took precedence.

Thanktotally, history tells us that wasn’t the situation.

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