Eexceptionally girl loves to pamper herself. I had the ability to acquire my hands on the Spin Spa Body Brushes, $19.99.

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The Spin Spa Body permits you to rejuvenate your skin and pamper your body via spinning brushes that turn bathing into a spa-prefer experience. You simply include your favorite cleanser to the interchangeable heads and indulge yourself.

The Spin Spa Body helps promote healthier, younger looking skin. The Spin Spa Body attributes an extra-lengthy take care of, making it straightforward to reach your ago, lower legs, and feet.


The Spin Spa Body comes through five different heads. The Mesh Sponge supplies mild daily exfoliation for a healthy and balanced glow. The Cleansing Brush thoapproximately cleanses and also gently buffs away rough skin on a constant basis. The Microdermabrasion Brush exfoliates unstable or dead skin for a sensuously smooth result. The Massage Brush soothes worn down muscles and recirculates skin while cleansing. Lastly, the Pumice Brush gets rid of severely dry, cracked skin in trouble areas such as the feet and also elbows.


Just add your liquid body wash to any type of of the spinning brush heads, rotate on, change the “Hi/Low” setting to whatever before you like, and also you’re on your method. This product requires 3 AA batteries which are contained for your convenience.

Overall, I prefer this product. I think the concept is distinctive and also it really enables you to pamper yourself when in a while. It’s user friendly and also straightforward to grip in the shower. I favor that it has actually the hook on the finish so that you have the right to hang it to your shower caddy as well. I’ve never tried a product like this and also I gain this one! I will definitely be looking into the Spin Spa Facial.

In situation you’re interested, the Spin Spa Facial has actually a spinning brush that gets rid of dirts, oils, and also impurities from the skin, leaving a healthy and balanced glow. The Spin Spa Facial retails for $12.99 at the same outallows as pointed out above.

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Visit Walmart, Walgreens, Bed Bath and also Beyond, CVS, Rite-Aid, Sally Beauty, and also Ulta. You can also purchase it digital at

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