I’m pretty certain it’s official: the Southern Charm producers hates Ashley. Consider the edit they gave her last night, after her massive rerotate from California.

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Not just was this sequence of close-ups on Ashley’s eyes unflattering, it paints the image of an unhinged woman. One that is bacount holding on to the relationship that she was pinning every one of her wishes and also desires to, and possibly realizes that she is around to publicly come to be a social pariah.

Just to emphadimension simply just how far Ashley has fallen from grace, she shows up at Austen Kroll’s beer party hoarse and cagey. She provides a straightforward crack at Kathryn Dennis as soon as Craig Conover asks her, “Have you talked to Kathryn because Hilton Head?”

To which Ashley quips, “Who’s Kathryn?”

She then confesses to Craig, of all civilization, that she and also Thomas Ravenel have actually hit a rough patch.

Thomas and I are — We’re struggling.That’s why it’s like, tough to also have that conversation through Kathryn,” she tells him. “I don’t know wright here I stand also.”

And neither does Thomas by the looks of it. Earlier in the episode, Thomas meets Whitney Sulder-Smith at Corneay Goldsmithing  to acquire himself a new signet ring via his family members crest on it. Thomas asks Whitney if he have to gain Ashley one as a promise ring and Whitney appears fairly stunned that Thomas would certainly promise Ashley any type of type of future together.

“Wasn’t she on her way out prefer a week ago?” he asks.

But Thomas tells Whitney that he isn’t sure what he desires to perform. “At the finish of the day, I execute want a companion in the company of life,” he claims. Is that ANYone or Ashley in particular?

Ashley and Thomas aren’t the only ones having actually partnership concerns. Austen’s new girlfriend, Victoria, would have absolutely been the villain this season, if Ashley hadn’t come strolling alengthy. My level of sympathy for Victoria = 0.00%. Victoria is an additional womale who decided to enter a partnership with a man who clearly still has actually feelings for an additional girl. This is a forgivable offense. But once she ignored Chelsea Meissner after Chelsea tried to make points appropriate at Austen’s party? Well, a lot favor Ashley, she let her inprotection gain the best of her.

What was more shocking was the truth that Kathryn revealed that she’s been hooking up through Shep Rose on and off for YEARS. Do we think this or carry out we think this is all to give Shep a plotline? I’m unsure. All I recognize is that if their “relationship” (relationshep?) is real then that would explain why Kathryn drove Shep to obtain this knee surgery.

Shep and also Kathryn go bowling at an alley wbelow Shep not just knows the name of the guy that functions behind the front desk, however feels comfortable sufficient to take off his pants in the middle of the lane and put on his knee brace. The 2 seem sort of flirty, prompting Kathryn to tell Shep a strange dream wbelow she was fighting off other womales to get him to tell her that he loved her. Kathryn, are you certain that isn’t a nightmare?

We lastly got to view a complete five minutes of Cameran Eubanks this episode, when Cam’s mom comes to check on the new mommy. Cam tells her mom that she is not quite enjoying motherhood: her breasts are OVERcreating milk (what a world!), she feels trapped inside the home, and also fairly frankly, she seems hostile. It’s a shame that we only obtain to watch a tiny segment of her story and rather need to watch Craig fumble roughly through his “cregulation.”

Also, look at the pillows that Craig designed for Patricia Altschaul.




Oh, sweetie……..

We can’t wait to check out the look on Patricia’s confront.

Overall, this episode was a snooze. But considering every one of the rumors that are flying off-video camera, we guess that all of the great stuff occurred after the season had actually ended.

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Tell us if you’re into Shep and also Kathryn as a couple in the comments!

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