Chef realizes the boys confusion. He explains the distinction in between Semales and also Sea-males

This brief clip is a fragment from the episode Simpsons Alall set Did It (Seaboy 6, Episode 7)

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Sea People and Me

Cartmale dreams in song about the his brand-new best friends, the Sea People.

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Incredible Living Sea-People

Cartguy and the boys wait to welcome the Sea People to South Park. The Sea People are shrimp brine.

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Blocking Out the Sun

Professor Chaos has actually a arrangement to construct an immense wood structure and also block out the sun but The Simpso...

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Suck It Out of a Hose

The boys have actually all the raw materials--the tank, the Sea People and also the semen. Butters is haunted by t...

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False Idols

Butters ultimately loses interest in contending via the Simpsons as the Sea People Destroy themselves.

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Sometimes You Kill Your Teacher

The boys go to Chef for advice on what to perform about the seaguys that have been uncovered in their teacher'...

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Cartmale Goes to Sperm Bank

Cartmale heads down to the regional sperm bank to pick up some semales.

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A God Among Sea-Men

Cartman wakes as much as discover that the Sea People have actually occurred a much more progressed human being, and also th...

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Good Luck Tweek

While Stan and also Kyle audition another brand-new ideal friend, Cartman orders sea human being.

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2 Month Old Mayonnaise

Professor Chaos comes up with somepoint "The Simpsons" has actually never before done. Then "The Simpsons" does it.

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The boys break into the morgue to rerelocate the seamen from Ms. Choksondik's body. The codeword is hamm...

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The semales and also the Sea People have actually combined and created a tiny little human being in the bottom of Ca...

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Tweek You Might Have to Take The Fall

The boys could have actually killed Mrs. Choksondik. Tweek freaks out under the pressure.

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Cutting the Head off The Powell Statue

Professor Chaos strikes aget, this time cutting the head off a statue in town. People love that it ...