Drake’s significant discography is chock full of genre-covering smashes.From smooth R&B ballads to energetic dance club hits, the 6 God’s output is so prolificthat there’s a good opportunity tright here are some songs you didn’t also recognize he had actually a hand also in.

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As Drizzyproceeds his chart dominance thissummer"16 through his dancefloor magnet "One Dance"andDJ Khaledparticipation "For Free,"right here are some various other jamsyou more than likely had no principle Drake penned.

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1. “R.I.P.” - Rita Ora

When Rita Ora very first broke out onto the scene, she was in need of tracks to elevate her from a UK songtension to an international pop star, one of which was thisTinnie Tempah teamwork titled "R.I.P."While the song sounds tailor-created Ora, it was originally co-writtenby Drake. Tright here were rumors that the track was intfinished forRihanna’s 2010 album Loud, butOra denied that report in a2012 intercheck out withThe Sunday Times, saying"RIP"wasn"t composed for Rihanna. But also if it was played to her, I do not treatment. As quickly as I heard it, I sassist it was mine. I was going to fight for that song."

2. "Fall For Your Type"- Jamie Foxx

Aside from his incredible IMDb profile, actor JamieFoxx boasts an equally successful run as a singer, a lot of notably on the common smash “Blame it on the Alcohol.” It was on Foxx’s fourth album,Best Night of my Life, wright here the multi-hyphenate enprovided an old demo from Drake called “Fall for Your Type.” Knowing a hit jam once he hears one, Foxx re-recorded Drake’s version and made it the album’ssingle.

3. “I’ve Been That Girl” - Melanie Fiona

As a struggling teen creative in Toronto, Drakewasn"t just clocking in as a star ofthe cult hit Degrassihowever creating music as component of agroup referred to as the The Renaissance.While the collective wound up going nowhere,Drake co-created "I"ve Been That Girl" through fellow Renaissance member and T-Dotrep, Grammy-winning singerMelanie Fiona, that later on made its method to Fiona’s LP The MF Life.

4. “Un-thinkable (I’m Ready)”- Alicia Keys

Appearing onKeys’ 2010 album The Element of Freedom,“Un-Thinkable (I’m Ready)” isa sultry ballad that easily discovered itself apeak nlinux.org’s R&B charts. The two, that formerly collaborated on "Fireworks" off Drake"s 2010 dehowever Thank Me Later, rejoined for the Noah "40" Shebib reduced, co-written by Drake.

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He told BET at the time, "It is , I"m not gonna lie ...The idea came from a conversation that we had, or conversations we have. I composed it based off two things: Number one, based off that, and then two, based off Alicia and Swizz and their instance, and it simply seemed fitting. It was prefer the perfect concept."

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5. “30 Hours,” "Father Stretch My Hands" and also "Facts"- Kanye West

When West’s seventh studio effortLife of Pablodroppedpreviously this year, the setmade headlines across the world thanks to its provocative lyrics, choppyrelease strategyand West’s bizarre Twitterantics. However, what many may have missed is that Pablo’s songwriting credits includedDrake, who’s provided as a co-writer on the track “30 Hours" and also "Facts."

West pincreased Drake for his contributions, tweeting, "I wanna thank my brother Drizzy for helping me on 30 Hours & Father Stretch My Hands.Drake would certainly come by and simply help, no strings. Future likewise came by to create. We all got brand-new shit together that"s gonna drop shortly."

6. “Mine” - Beyoncé

Drake, a certified Beyhive member, teamed via Mrs. Carter for the moody deep cut“Mine" off her 2013 self-titled album.Drizzy"sOVO crewNoah “40” Shebib and Majid Jordan also lent available their assistance to theBeyoncétrack.

By Rob LeDonne
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