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Be careful!! Shhh! Don’t say these, yet you should understand what they suppose . . . particularly if you are watching gangster movies . . .
So you wanna SWEAR? Swear with Flair!

Forgain the sweat box, this is the swear box, where we’ll lock you in and also acquire the worst out of you so you’ll come out clean on the other side… or dirty, at leastern with a dirty mouth! Anymeans, enjoy!

bitch bastard dick or cock dog or cur (provided through various other swears to suggest SOB)개새끼 SOB – kid of a bitch (literally “a dog’s offspring”) can additionally be shortened to 개 . A student as soon as talked of a beautiful English expression – Sun of a Beach – oops!씨발 equivalent to “you fucking (so-and-so)” in English, but literally definition “you will market your seed.” This have the right to be shortened to low-born or ignoble from Chosun dynasty or before, likewise most often provided as a combination 쌍놈 low bastard미친 crazy, most frequently used as a mix 미친새끼 crazy SOB, 미친년 crazy bitch, or 미친놈 crazy bastardㅗㅗ texting for “fuck you,” as it resembles two middle fingers sticking up.

섹스 sex (borrowed from English, ubiquitous)하다 to carry out it (have actually sex)자다 to sleep via (sex)합궁 having sex (archaic, a little prefer “making house”)성교 intercourse (coitus or sex-related congress)몸을 섞다 to mix bodies (have actually sex-related intercourse)성관계 to have sexual relationships (even more of a clinical term)혼전성관계 to have actually premarital sex(성욕을) 자극하다 – arousage sexual desire딸딸이 masterbating (childish) – for a little bit of fun on your own자위하다 beat off or jack off수음을 하다 to play with oneself (likewise a hand also job)구강 성교 fellatio or cunnilingus사까시 oral sex (from the Japanese)빠구리 buggery (doggy-style ass fucking)섹스숍 or 포르노점(店) – a area to buy those awesome playthings or little bit nightin-nothings야설 an erotic novel, an acronym of 야한 소설
걸레 a slut or basic woman who will certainly sleep via anyone (lit. a rag)갈보 or 창녀 a prostitute, a whore. (North Korea newly dubbed South Korean President Park GeunHye a crafty whore (교활한 창녀 ). BADVERTISEMENT create boys!싸보이다 looks cheap (prefer a prostitute)떡볶이 magic sex (throughout the woman’s period)라볶이 magic pubes (red pubic hair that results from having sex throughout the woman’s period)변태 새끼! fuckin’ perv (lit. pervert SOB)


보지 muff, cunt or pussy (slang for a vulva and pertained to a flower), likewise or 잠지 자지 penis (offensive, similar to the English dick or cock) likewise 좆나게 to acquire difficult (for the penis to come out)고추 literally “a pepper,” yet childish slang for a penis as via pee-pee or wee-wee.물건 literally, a thing (slang for the penis) prefer “dvery own there” or “it” breast or breast milk, likewise 젖가슴 boobs or tits젖탱이 the cup of the breasts, 찌찌 breastern (childish)유두 nipples or 젖꼭지 literally, the breastern spigot

The Butt – in Korea, words concerned the butt, anus or feces are not almost as taboo as they are in English, so they are not mostly thought about swear words or also foul language, but would certainly still not be supplied in polite conversation.

엉덩이 , 엉댕이 , 궁둥이 , 궁댕이 and 히프 all suppose butt, yet do not equate with “ass.”항문 anus (clinical term)똥구멍 , 똥구녕 and also 똥꼬 all mean poop-hole, yet perform not lug the exact same weight as “asshole” in English.

A Bad Hair Day – We’ve all had actually one, but these are much from what you’re thinking!

좆털 a man’s pubic hair (literally “cock fur”)잡털 a man’s pubic hair (literally “impure fur”)보지털 a woman’s pubic hair (literally “pussy fur”)
Mouth, Ears and also Eyes – Koreans expect others to keep their keys without asking, putting them at constant hazard. Also, if one wregarding say somepoint that the king didn’t favor, look at or hear something they shouldn’t, or look at someone in an unflattering means, that perkid can easily shed his life. Therefore offering us many low expressions for the mouth, ears and also eyes.
아가리 mouth, kisser or yap아구창 a diseased mouth주둥이 a muzzle, a bill or beak, exact same as 주둥아리 귓구녕 ear, additionally 귀싸대기 눈깔 eye, also 눈탱이 눈구덩이 eye socket, also 눈알 eyeball콧구녕 nostrils, 모가지 neck손모가지 wrist, 발모가지 ankle턱주가리 the jaw, chin or chops, 싸대기 cheek면상 confront, 낯짝 challenge or mug매주  fugly (face) maeju is fermented soybeans that look and also smells choose shit마빡 forehead, 이마빡 forehead대가리 head, 대갈통 , 대갈빡 돌대가리  dickhead
오줌싸다 to urinate똥싸다 to poop방귀뀌다 fart, likewise 방구 오르가즘 orgasm사정하다 to ejaculate, additionally 싸다 to ejaculate or cum자위하다 to masturbate, additionally 딸딸이치다
Children’s language 쉬하다 to pee, 쉬 마려워 I gotta pee (relieve myself), 응가하다 or 응가 마려워 need to poop (go number 2), 똥꼬 butt hole (anus, cute)
병신 a decreated or diseased person지랄 epilepsy, actual interpretation is an act of madness, or calling someone on some bullshit in English (also ㅈㄹ for BS in English)염병 typhoid (enteric) fever, a infectious disease
개새 SOB brief for 개새끼 쌍놈(년) low-born (peasant) bastard (bitch)썅놈(년) low-born (peasant) bastard (bitch)좆 같은 놈(년) lit. you look choose a penis좆 같은 씨발 놈아 you dick-prefer fucking bastard미친 새끼 crazy SOB씨발년 fucking bitch씹새끼 fucking son-of-a-bitch씨방새 fuck you빌어먹을 놈(년) beg-to-eat bastard (bitch)호로새끼 & 호로자식 bastard son쪼다새끼 narrow-minded SOB엄마 젖이나 더 먹고와! go suck your mama’s tit집에 가서 딸딸이나 쳐! go home and masturbate (you’re not my type)

Beware of these words in translation

10 babies – becomes 씹새끼 18 – becomes 씨발 28 years – becomes 이 씨발년 Dog bird – becomes 개새 SOB brief for 개새끼

And for a small something new, try…

Changhyun the Bitch 창현년 Son of a Siwoo 시우새끼 ; that bit shit, Siwoo 이씨우 ; Siwoo fucker 시우팔 Fucking Peter 피터 a spit of a swear in and also of itself
좆까 없어 literally “to peel a dick,” and also arguing that you go acquire yourself circumcised, it implies “hell no,” “piss off,” or “fuck off” .좆밥 you inconsiderable dick (literally “your dick is (nothing but) rice”좆되다 to be(come) a dick, become spoiled골빈놈(년) airhead bastard (bitch) or dumbass물개이지 it’s a seal, isn’t it … slang for “of course, you SOB.” An acronym for 물론이지 개새끼야
이씨 can’t think it (somewhat similar to “bull” of bullshit)이자식 “you (little bit shit)” to a kid, but “exactly how dare you,” to an adult이놈아 ; 이년아 OK for grandpaleas to say to grandchildren제기랄 damn it, evil one take you, gosh젠장 shit (choose shoot)임마 aobtain choose “you little shit”이뭐병 “what the hell is this (you fuckin’ moron)?”이게 뭐야 병신아뭥미 a misspelling of 뭐임 definition “what the hell?”멍청이 a blockhead, dunce or idiot바보 a fool, a stupid person빵꾸똥꾸 childish for fool, literally “fart-poop.”
씨댕 or 씨밤바 sound choose sshibal <씨발>씬댕 darn or shoot씹새 incredibly cshed to sshibsaeggi <씹새끼>멍텅구리 idiot, like meongchongi <멍청이>씨부리다 what the fuck are you talking about?빙신 and also 삥딱 are softer versions of 병신 엿먹어 lit. eat taffy, provided to sound like 역먹어 lit. “eat a swear word” and also similar to “bite me,” “eat shit” or basically “fuck off.

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