When Callie Jacob (Maia Mitchell) is presented to the foster home where a lesbian couple and their bizarre mix of organic, adopted, and also foster kids live, the story takes a turn for the dramatic. Family drama and also teenage and also young adult themes are linked in this present.

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This list consists of mirrors that function “family” as a vital narrative element, such as “The Fosters,” which deals delicately and also gracetotally via household and also familial bonds. When it comes to television reflects, whether it’s Tony Soprano dealing with his individual problems in “The Sopranos” or the racial humor of Homer Simpboy in “The Simpsons,” or siblings obtaining right into incestuous relationships in “Shameless,” household plays a crucial role. To compile this list, I looked at reflects with a solid thematic focus on “family,” which serves as an effective narrative device.

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Hence, we present the complying with list of mirrors similar to “The Fosters,” which we think you have to watch. Several of these TV mirrors, such as ‘The Fosters,’ are available on streaming services favor Netflix, Hulu, and also Amazon Prime.

15. Family (1976-1980)


‘Family,’ penned and also directed by Jay Preschild Allen in the United States, centers on the Lawrences of Pasadena. Sada Thompkid, James Broderick, Gary Frank, Kristy McNichol, and Meredith Baxter Birney star in ‘Family,’ which examines the development of family members ties and the joys and also sorrows that come with it. ‘Family,’ a display dripping with nostalgia, is well worth your time.

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14. Bloodline (2015–2017)

“Bloodline,” a Netflix original, is a suspenseful drama around a team of adult siblings who discover their previous tricks and scars when their troubled brother renders a triumphant go back to the family members. It takes area over the course of 3 periods, and also the creating and performances are top-notch throughout. ‘Bloodline,’ while making some audacious and also brilliantly atrocious sequences, explores household ties and also relationships via dexterity. Twisted and also grotesque to the core.

12. Parenthood (2010-2015)


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In ‘This Is Us,’ produced by Dan Fogelman, the Pearchild family’s resides are examined over time in different time periods. A few months after the success of ‘Parenthood,’ one more family drama, dubbed ‘This is Us,’ conveniently ended up being a hit through viewers. A variety of actors have actually been known for their work-related on the display by awards such as the Golden Globe and Primetime Emmy. The display debuted in 2016 on NBC and has had actually three periods given that then, via no indications of protecting against.

11. Jane the Virgin (2014)

The family drama is based upon Ron Howard’s 1989 comedy-drama ‘Parenthood,’ and also follows the Bravermans, a middle-aged couple through four children, as well as their extended family members. Developed by Jason Katims, the show’s authors and producers have actually been pelevated for their maturity in taking care of family issues. Asperger Syndrom is likewise presented via compassion and also maturity in the display.

10. The O.C. (2003 – 2007)


After accidentally artificially inseminating herself, Jane Villanueva (played by Gina Rodriguez) becomes pregnant in 2014’s ‘Jane the Virgin,’ a young, functioning, spiritual Latina virgin. The cast, led by the previously mentioned Gina Rodriguez, excels in this absurd template. While satirizing social taboos, the display also delves into Villanueva’s spiritual ideas. One of the funniest comedies on tv this day, “Jane the Virgin” obtained countless awards, consisting of the Golden Globe for ideal television series, musical or comedy.

9. The Mindy Project (2012-17)

In ‘The O.C.,’ or ‘Oselection County,’ an upper-class household in Newport Beach, California’s Oselection County, absorbs a troubled adolescent called Ryan Atlumber. An intricate class-based network-related links the personalities in “The O.C.” as they struggle to adjust to life as an outsider in a new civilization – through their surrogate brvarious other Seth, their feelings for the attrenergetic girl following door, their annoying next-door neighbors, and their sense of alienation.

8. The Good Place (2016-)

Mindy Lahiri’s present, ‘The Mindy Project,’ is now live and also well on the internet. This character has actually drawn a great deal of motivation from Mindy Kaling’s real-life mommy, an OB/GYN (remember ‘Jane The Virgin’?). Mindy is a solitary functioning womale who hregarding juggle and also fight to maintain a healthy work-life balance while also regulating her clinical exercise and a complicated romantic relationship on the side. With a relocating and also light-hearted narrative, the present reflects how a typical working professional manperiods to organize it together while also keeping a personal human being of her own.

7. Modern Family (2009-)


Eleanor Shellstrop is played by Kristen Bell, that also serves as the show’s executive producer. After suffering a rollercoaster of events, Bell’s character discovers a utopian excellent area in her afterlife in the show “The Good Place.” Even though her life’s deeds don’t warrant such a fortune, she recognizes the identification confusion that lugged her right here. She resolves to make positive transforms in her life in order to be deserving of her new position, with the guidance of her wise mentor. Comedy, deaths, plot twists, and also philosophical discourse abound on the display.

6. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (2015-)

‘Modern Family,’ a documentary sitcom, follows 3 various households that are somehow associated. Documentary style, “Modern Family” examines assorted themes favor the different types of families, such as nuclear, step-, and same-sex, and interaction in an progressively technologically progressed society and parenthood. When it first aired in 2009, the show was a vast hit through both fans and critics, who pelevated the cast’s hilarious antics and the sharply composed narrative. ‘Modern Family’ has actually conquered television for almost a decade despite its decreasing popularity over the course of its lengthy run of eight seasons.

5. Switched at Birth (2011-2017)

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In 2015, once the initially episode of the Netflix series aired, it happily surprised everyone. In ‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt,’ Kimmy Schmidt’s life is chronicled via the eyes of a television electronic camera (Ellie Kemper). They were abducted by a Reverend that brainwashed them into believing that doomsday had actually already developed when she remained in eighth grade. She’s been organized captive for fifteen years and also currently should reacquaint herself through the exterior people. She decides to leave her old life behind and also begins a new one in New York City, wright here she runs into her mother, that is additionally living under a false identification. Tright here is plenty of warmth and humor in the show as it depicts the young woman’s everyday struggles.

4. Family Guy (1998-)

“Switched at Birth,” created and also produced by Lizzy Weiss in the United States, tells the story of 2 teenage girls, Daphne Paloma Vasquez and Bay Madeline Kennish, that were switched at birth and flourish up in two extremely various civilizations. Affluent suburbia is house to one and also working-class communities to the other. The present, which is a drama focused on a household, deals with issues of identification and familial ties. It’s fascinating to view exactly how different people’s relationships are portrayed in this present. The show’s portrayal of disabled people and also use of Amerihave the right to Sign Language as a primary narrative approach have likewise been pelevated, including to its distinct narrative.

3. Shamemuch less (2011-)


‘Family Guy’ is a comedy series created by Seth MacFarlane, an Amerideserve to actor and filmmaker. It centers on the Griffin household, which contains Peter and Lois, their children Meg, Chris, and also Stewie, and also their canine companion Brian. Shows in the fictional Rhode Island city of Quahog focus on miscellaneous experiences that are fueled by humor and also amutilizing circumstances. Quahog, Rhode Island The show is an animated sitcom that supplies meta-fictional humour as a narrative strategy to critique and also parody American society. “Family Guy,” which debuted in 1998, has got notoriety for its biting and also unapologetically funny humor. The compariboy to ‘The Simpsons’ has been unfavorable, yet it has never before hequipped the show’s reputation.

2. The Sopranos (1999–2007)

Due to the fact that it depicts some series incestuous relationships in a similar method to “The Foresters,” “Shameless” is an unsettling comedy-drama created by John Wells. William H. Macy stars in the comedy drama, which is based on the same-called British series that ran from 2004 to 2013. The present complies with the Gallagher family members as they try to make sense of our stvariety and also seemingly perpetually naked civilization. The show’s graphic sex scenes might make it appealing to the eye. The display, on the various other hand also, portrays sexuality in a realistic and also unappealing manner. In spite of this, bereason of its numerous bizarre scenes, ‘Shameless’ might also be taken into consideration a pornographic present by some.

With ‘The Sopranos,’ one of the ideal crime dramas ever made, we follow New Jersey mobster Tony Soprano through his life crisis, handling personal and expert issues that have an impact on his psychological wellness and pressure him to seek skilled psychological wellness counseling. ‘The Sopranos,’ while mainly a crime drama, also deals with worries of family members and the human being in it.

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1. The Simpsons (1989-)

‘The Simpsons,’ which debuted in 1989, easily ended up being among the the majority of famous reflects on tv many thanks to its wide appeal. ‘The Simpsons,’ a tv series produced by Matt Groening, is about the titular family, which is composed of patriarch Homer, his wife Marge, and also their 3 children, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie. Based on the narrative trope of the “dyssensible family,” “The Simpsons” is full of biting satire and also belly-aching comedy. The display also discusses America’s racial undertones, family dynamics, and also social commentary, every one of which are thwarted by the show’s comedic elements.