Shake It Up, and a DVD through instructional dance moves. It's mostly around letting loose and also having actually fun, both on and also off the dance floor, and also doesn't have actually any kind of solid language or iffy content. The soundtrack has big-name stars favor Selena Gomez, Drew Seely, and Adam Hicks, so there's also even more of a factor for your tweens to want it.

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"Watch Me" is a positive song around being yourself and having fun. Many of the songs are about friends, relationships, and also having actually a great time and also are age-proper for children.

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Cece and Rocky are all about being themselves and also being tbelow for each other no matter what. And the display and also its songs certainly encourage fans to get up and also dance!

Parents must know that this album attributes songs from the hit Disney show Shake It Up, and a DVD with instructional dance moves. It"s mainly around letting loose and having fun, both on and off the dance floor, and doesn"t have actually any type of strong language or iffy content. The soundtrack contains big-name stars choose Selena Gomez, Drew Seely, and also Adam Hicks, so there"s even even more of a factor for your tweens to desire it.

Stupid show. Nopoint educational. and also incredibly pointless. The stars cant also dance. They are straightforward moves everyone can perform. The stars are horrible actresses and also shu... Continue reading
This soundtrack says nothing but be YOURSELF!!! Songs choose TTYLXOX, Watch Me, and also Dance For are really great songs around friendship and also being yourself. Great for... Continue reading
I got this for christmas last year and it was soooo a lot fun!! I'm a dance, and I take ballet, and also contemperary so I can honestly say that this is a blast!... Continue reading