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3.35 / 5.00.5 from 53 ratings
#314 for 1998


Vito_James Jan 11 2015 3.50 stars
I REMEMBER HOW WEIRDLY SATISFYING IT WAS to hear this in 2007. I’m sorry I had actually the caps lock on however I don’t want to backroom and also resolve it. Understand also that I was likely shouting that enthusiastically in a conversation around this EP so don’t worry, it’s authentic. Look at the song “Strung Short”, or “Strong Short” as some editions title it. I flourished up via it as “Strung Short” so that’s what I call it, and also what a small steady pop punk tune where a man shouts the word bastard. This is what 1998 me would certainly have loved to recognize existed.Aside from that, every one of the songs here have a sense of a band also that has so many kind of ideas to come. And by god, Coheed and Cambria did. Shabutie was a fun little task for them to toy roughly via before their LP deyet to come by 2002. This was the introductory thing that we gained to hear first. It’s a shame tright here was never before any kind of cover artwork-related.
Star Cecil and Disciple's Anthem are two of the best tracks written under either Coheed and also Cambria or Shabutie. The rest are slightly even more throw-ameans.
warnersister May 29 2006 5.00 stars
this was the initially release from shabutie.it was never before officaly marketed, it was handed out as a demo, to fans and also venues.tbelow is no offical artoccupational.the track listing is as follows:01-"Disciple's Anthem"02-"Strung Short"03-"Star Cecil"04-"Goodnight"05-"Wake Up"all 5 songs are wonderful, honestly, the best product they ever before released under the Shabutie name, also much better then the lot of the material under the Coheed & Cambria title, and no "wake up" is not the very same song as the "wake up" on excellent apollo.the lyrical content in this album is very sex-related, much like the Penelope EP."Disciple's Anthem" is perhaps the finest song on the disc, the song is so damn catchy, espicaly the "shaaabuuutieeeee" in the chorus.Its a shame this release so difficult to find, however its out there, if you peak roughly soulseek or myroom you will certainly find the songs, atleastern most of them.

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