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yellow journalism, the use of lurid attributes and also sensationalized news in newspaper publishing to tempt readers and also boost circulation. The phrase was coined in the 1890s to describe the tactics employed in the furious competition in between two New York City newsrecords, the World and also the Journal.

Joseph Pulitzer had actually purchased the New York World in 1883 and also, using colourful, sensational reporting and also crusades against political corruption and also social injustice, had actually won the largest newspaper circulation in the country. His supremacy was challenged in 1895 once William Randolph Hearst, the kid of a California mining tycoon, moved right into New York City and also bought the rival Journal. Hearst, that had actually currently developed the San Francisco Examiner into a hugely effective mass-circulation paper, shortly made it plain that he intfinished to execute the same in New York City by outdoing his rivals in sensationalism, crusades, and Sunday functions. He lugged in some of his staff from San Francisco and also hired some away from Pulitzer’s paper, consisting of Rictough F. Outcault, a cartoonist that had actually drawn an immensely famous comic image series, The Yellow Kid, for the Sunday World. After Outcault’s defection, the comic was attracted for the World by George B. Luks, and also the two rival image series excited so much attention that the competition between the two newsfiles happened defined as “yellow journalism.” This all-out rivalry and its accompanying promotion arisen big circulations for both files and also influenced American journalism in many type of cities.


The era of yellow journalism might be said to have actually ended quickly after the turn of the 20th century, with the World’s progressive retirement from the competition in sensationalism. Some approaches of the yellow journalism period, however, came to be even more or much less irreversible and also widespread, such as banner headlines, coloured comics, and copious illustration. In various other media, the majority of notably tv and also the Internet, many type of of the sensationalist techniques of yellow journalism ended up being even more commonlocation.

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