The initiation action is wright here a radical is initially created from a non-radical molecule.

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Analyze each:

a) An initiation step is a step in which one kind of radical is created from another kind of radical.

Here a radical reacts via a non-radical to produce another form of radical.Propagation action.

b) An initiation step is one in which 2 radicals collide with each various other, creating a neutral molecule.

Radicals collide to develop a non-radical.Termicountry step.

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Select the correct meaning for initiation step.

a) An initiation action is a step in which one form of radical is produced from an additional kind of radical.

b) An initiation step is one in which 2 radicals collide with each other, developing a neutral molecule.

c) An initiation step is a action in which radicals are created from non-radicals.

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