Facing connection obstacles because of a lack of sex-related drive, a young womale confides in her best friend the individual factors why she feels disengaged from the idea of intercourse. The female frifinish goes on to admit her very own love of the woguy, as well as advise that she has to tell her companion around her feelings. However before, the womale chooses a third choice, and also that is to lie around being in love through someone else who recently confessed their love. To try to figure the instance out, the 3 move in together, but jealousy soon takes its toll on the instance.

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See You on the Other Side is screening at Japan Cuts Festival


Having formerly directed the charming indie film “Amiko“, director Yoko Yamanaka’s newest short film absolutely embodies the energy and also character cinjury of her function deyet. Furthermore, the brief also builds off of her ability to produce strong female voices, propelled by certainty and also pride, also in the challenge of their very own insecurities. As a result, the personas that Yamanaka is able to create in her work-related, act as a significant driving force in garnering appeal.

In addition to the strong character archeforms, the production sees its topics likewise tackle a prevalent issue facing Japanese society, the decrease of youth’s wish to prodevelop. In addressing this worry, the major protagonist admits that the lack of sex-related desire comes from an inability to communicate thoughts throughout the practice, bring about feelings of isolation. This sentiment puts voice to the principle of a personality disconnect from culture, which struggles to create a feeling of oneness in both interpersonal and passive relationships (although what reasons this kind of withdrawal is arguable and also varies). At some point, this statement gives a valid and comforting sentiment to youth that might be struggling or feeling isolated bereason of harboring such thoughts.

However, it is hard to surmise if this message stays truly reliable or does more than just note it as an monitoring. This is because of a fairly large narrative transition which sees the brief film end on a darkly comedic note. Consequently, the movie’s genuine focus becomes obscured, and while still being successful as social commentary and a dark humor item on its very own merits, the two genres don’t really meld together in the end.

With the brief being mainly shot in enclose spaces, via the exemption of a sequence near the end, the manufacturing still consists of a captivating visual existence. This is mostly accomplished with a playful cinematography, which smoothly transitions in between characters to finest capture their eccentrics and also endearing mannerisms. Additionally, the performances vibe well with the narrative and visual styling of Yamanaki, in flexibility to embody both the playfulness and emotional queues compelled.

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“See you on the Other Side” is slightly marred by some inconsistency and also confusion in its intentions, falling brief to market a cohesive statement. However before, every various other element of the production is charming, from the visuals to the performances. Certainly, young Yoko Yamanaki has a bideal future ahead of her and also is slated to come to be a defining voice for Japanese directors, particular off the stamina to create strong and empathetic roles for women in film.