Once players complete this week"s Fortnite seachild 6 week 1 place, they must consult this overview to uncover the initially covert battle star of the season.

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fortnite seaboy 6 hidden fight star
Without a doubt, Fortnite players are dropping onto a significantly adjusted battle island also, finish with a haunted castle, corn fields, corrupted locations, and also a ranch. As they explore these brand-new places, players are additionally functioning on the first set of weekly difficulties for seachild 6, and when they finish that, they will certainly want to find this week"s surprise fight star.

Like previous periods, completing eexceptionally challenge for the week unlocks a one-of-a-kind loading display screen. This screen gives a hint as to the location of the hidden fight star, which will instantly rank up the Fortnite player"s Battle Pass. Considering all of the goodies this season has, such as pets, it renders many feeling as to why players will certainly desire to execute this as quickly as feasible.

In order to uncover this week"s covert battle star, players will certainly desire to visit one of the previously mentioned areas - the ranch southeast of Paradise Palms. Once there, players will want to method the tractor and also use the search button as soon as the battle star appears. For those that favor a visual overview, we recommend this video:

Of course, this is just a step up on this season"s Battle Pass which has plenty for its players, such as Halloween-y cosmetics, brand-new emotes, and also also pets which have actually been rumored for a lengthy time. Players deserve to continue to tier up their Battle Pass by leveling up in matches and completing next week"s obstacles. While we do not yet recognize what following week holds, tright here is plenty to save players lived in till then.

For those that require help completing the obstacles before unlocking this surprise battle star, we"ve compiled a guide for all seakid 6 week 1 challenges here. Hopecompletely, via all this indevelopment, players deserve to complete up this week easily and also be prepared to go for next week. Until then, Ranters, good luck on the fight island!

Fortnite is accessible currently in at an early stage access for iOS, Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, and also Xbox One. An Android beta is currently underway.

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