Looking for the season 8 week 10 treasure? You’re going to must find the Junk Junction treasure map signwrite-up, first

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The fork and also knife-shaped hole in the ground can be found automatically south of Salty Springs and also north-west of Fatal Fields. Once you’re there you need to find a rock at the bottom of the knife’s blade, as per our video over. This is wbelow you deserve to grab your bonus Battle Star tier and finish this two-component week 10 challenge.

And tbelow we go, that’s wbelow to search and also follow the Junk Junction treasure map in Fortnite. But because we don’t have actually a lot time left prior to this phase of fight royale ends and also theFortnite seaboy 9 release datelands, make sure you’re all caught up on your weekly challenges so you don’t miss out on out on all your ill-acquired gains.

Finish your Fortnite seakid 8 challenges:Fortnite ice sculpturesFortnite: dial Durr Burger numberFortnite flaming hoops

For instance, somewhere else this week you should fire out of a cannon via flaming hoops – they can be found in Fortnite Piprice Camps, so examine out our piece on wbelow to uncover those for some wealthy rewards. And, as ever before, be sure to stick via nlinux.org for all the latest Forknife obstacle guides prefer this one.

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Published: May 3, 2019

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