Elephant seals on San Nicolas Island beach. Courtesy of Steve Schwartz.

Karana takes her bow and also arrows and also heads towards the shore wright here the bull (male) sea elephants watch the cows (females) and young sea elephants play in the waves. Moving noiselessly behind the big animals, she singles out a smaller sized bull as a tarobtain.

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Karana fits an arrowhead to her bow, intends and fires, yet misses. The pet she had selected as her taracquire started relocating to the shore while she aimed.

Meanwhile, a a lot larger bull sees Karana’s small bull relocate into his area. He attacks the younger male. They fight on the shore and in the water. Eventually, the young male chases the large bull ago onto the shore, wright here Karana is standing.

Karana tries to obtain out of the method of the big bull, but she trips and drops to her knees. The fight in between the elephant seals proceeds, yet the pain in Karana’s leg pressures her to return to the security of her sanctuary, without the sea elephant tooth she wanted.

Fact Check: Elephant Seals

Do elephant seals live on the California Channel Islands and also along the Pacific Coast of North America? 

What perform we know? Although as soon as thought to be extinct due to oversearching, north elephant seals are currently protected and their numbers are raising. A recent populace estimate is that tright here are over 120,000 elephant seals. They live on some of the Channel Islands, on islands off the coast of Baja The golden state, and also in a number of areas along the mainland coastline. 

What is the evidence?Key source: Examine a photo of elephant seals on San Nicolas Island also.

Secondary source: Wildlife biologist John Ugoretz shares indevelopment around elephant seals in Voices from the Field.

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Voices from the Field

John Ugoretz, US Navy biologist on San Nicolas Island, discusses the elephant seals’ physical attributes and actions in the time of different times of the year. 

See It Yourself!Watch elephant seals along the shore on Santa Rosa and San Miguel Islands in Channel Islands National Park.A boardwalk provides close-up viewing of elephant seals at Piedras Blancas elephant seal rookery along the central shore of California.Año Nuevo State Park, additionally north alengthy the main The golden state shore, is a great area to watch elephant seals.Point Reyes National Seashore, just north of San Francisco, is another good area to watch these astronomical marine mammals.