I would certainly choose to start outby acknowledgingmy hippie heart –Iabsolutely love natural alternatives to simply around anypoint. However before, this particular day, in the age of Pinterest DIY’s, YouTube tutorials, and also at-home beauty ideologies, not every little thing turns out as it’s demonstrated online. As a vegan salon, we have viewed many kind of of these “natural” fads, yet the one DIY trend we have actually viewed the many of is henna; and the trfinish continues to flourish.

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organic, healthy and balanced, simple… limiting

Henna is appealing to many people because of the convenience of being able to use it at home. The fact that henna is frequently sourced from vegetables is one more attrenergetic element to many world seeking a “natural”hair shade. Some of my clients use henna at home regularly and also their hair looks lovely! I commend people who pick to usage henna on their hair; simply as lengthy as they arrangement to use for a VERY LONG TIME. However before, most people that shade their hair favor to have the capacity to adjust it at leastern when in a while; and via henna’s shade selection being somewhat limited, many kind of human being want to adjust the direction of their color amethod from henna ultimately.Historically we have had success once it comes to coloring hair formerly treated with henna. Recently yet, the story has adjusted for usbehind the chair.

unpredictable results

Over the course of 2019, we have actually had the chance to work with many kind of guests with henna-treated hair.Many of the services did not play out as we had actually hoped. During our consultations through these guests, we often take test strands to uncover more about their hair’s background or integrity. However, even after researching the outcomes of these test strands, we have actually found that tright here is really no means to predict the last outcome of henna-treated hair. Upon even more study, some henna products actually contain metals which transition the hair’s pigment from red to darker shades. These metallic components in henna have actually left us via more difficulties than options.As hairdressers, we perform not have actually the tools required to be able to predict the outcome of exactly how these steels will communicate with various other hair commodities and also we have actually had actually outcomes all over the board such as pink hair, green hair, rough-feeling texture, and also more adverse outcomes.


The bottom line

Our referral for anyone via henna on their hair is to grow the henna out 100% before doing any better coloring with anything other than even more henna. Hair colorpigment, including henna, is typically still in the hair even as soon as it is not visible to the naked eye. Theideal method to identify if the color has actually grvery own out of your hair is to meacertain it. Hair grows approximately a half-inch each month or 6 inches a year. For instance, if your hair is previous your shoulders you will certainly likely have a pair of years of prospering to do prior to your hair is completely free of henna. If you prefer to readjust your shade periodically, we recommfinish not utilizing henna at residence. It truly limits the possibilities for your hair and regularly leads to unexpected issues.

After the unmanageable results we skilled in 2019, we have determined that we will certainly not be coloring over any henna-treated hair moving forward. If you would certainly choose to learn more around color choices or review your hair history, schedule ashade consultationvia among the hairdressers at Virtue Salon to comment on possibilities!


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