A boy and a girl were the ideal of friends. They could talk and talk for what seemed prefer hours, spending all their time on the phone.

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And when they were speaking to each various other it was like tbelow was nothing wrong in the world, they can never before be unhappy or sad in those moments.

One day, the girl texted the boy and also he didn’t reply which was a lot of unexplained. She tried aget yet to no avail. Finally, she dubbed him yet there was no answer.

An entire day passed and the boy was not easily accessible through phone or message. The girl started gaining worried that somepoint was absolutely wrong.

That second night, the girl couldn’t sleep and remained up all night worrying and also crying. It was then she realized just how a lot the boy actually intended to her.

The next morning but, she got a call. It was the boy! She was so happy and as shortly as she picked up the call…

Boy: Hey!

Girl: I’m so glad to hear from you, what happened?

Boy: I… I was… busy.

Boy: You know what, we must sheight this. We shouldn’t talk any kind of even more.

Girl: What? Why?

Boy: Sorry. Bye.

All their past conversations began flashing in front of her eyes. She started crying, tears were streaming dvery own her face. She was shed and confused. She felt damaged, sad and alone. She was standing on the roof and also wanted to jump. He was the one for her, why had actually he done that? “Why?!” she yelled as loudly as she can from the roof.

Then she chose she was going to try and win him ago.

Girl: Hey

Boy: What did you call me for?

Girl: I should say somepoint.

Boy: Go ahead.

Girl: I wanted to say just one thing…

Boy: Say it!

Girl: Are you okay?

The tears were streaming dvery own her challenge aget. She hung up, and decided to compose a note and ran out of the home via it.

It’s the girls mother. She tells him that the girl got hit by a vehicle when she was on her method to check out the boy and also that she’s admitted in the hospital.

The boy ruburned to view her.

He got to and took her name, she opened her eyes.

Boy: Please be okay, I’m so sorry.

Girl: Why did you carry out that?

Boy: I have a heart condition and also I don’t have actually many type of days to live. I didn’t want to hurt you.

Girl closes her eyes, never to wake up aobtain.

Boy can not believe this has actually happened bereason of him.

10 minutes later, the boy gets a heart strike and dies from grief.

2. Happy Birthday!

A Heart Touching Love Story About Eternal Love.







A boyfrifinish messages his girlfriend:

Boy: Hi sweetheart! How are you?

Girl: Wait for at some time, I’m busy via my thesis, I’ll message you later on.

Boy: Babe, deserve to you obtain ago to it? I really wanted to talk.

Girl: I have actually a deadline to save, don’t you know that?

Boy: Just as soon as babe, please? Do you think we have the right to chat for a while?

Girl: Don’t you understand that this thesis is everything to me? Why are you disturbing me? I have my very own life!!!

Boy: Sorry honey, I’ll message in a little.

Boy: Hey darling, I can’t stay away from you as well long… how is your thesis coming along?

Boy: Babe, it’s 11 currently. Why aren’t you responding? I’m worried!

Girl: Didn’t I tell you I’m busy through my thesis? I’ll text you after it’s done. Okay? It’s not like we can’t talk tomorrow… just go to sleep, okay?

Boy: Sorry honey. Goodnight. Take treatment of yourself always okay.

Girl: I’m sorry sweetheart, I was so busy yesterday. Wake up! You have classes. Text me shortly.

Girl: Hey, why no text? Do you not have actually balance, it’s almost lunch time. Wright here are you? Why aren’t you in class?

Boy: He’s not with us any type of more. My boy is no even more. We tried to wake him but… the medical professional confirmed he’s no more.

The physician had actually given him 2 years and also this is the 3rd year he made it. It appears his heart couldn’t make it any kind of even more.

He had actually a message typed in his phone for you but he wasn’t able to send it…

“Take care of yourself sweetheart. I’ll be happy wbelow I’m going, and also I desire you to be the same below. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you around my condition, but I didn’t desire to burden you. I know how busy you have been all this time and also how much it means to you. I love you so much, I regret that we were not able to talk for longer today, but I understand you could fail your thesis and I never before desire that to happen. I love you incredibly a lot. Promise me you’ll be solid and also remember I’ll always be by your side.”

8. The Final Ride

A Heart Touching Love Story About A Biker Boyfriend.


A boy and his girlfrifinish were going residence at night. They were speeding on a motorcycle.

Girl: Will you please slow-moving down? This is scary.

Guy: Come on… It’s fun!

Girl: It’s absolutely not. Please sluggish down. I’m really scared.

Guy: Tell me you love me if you want me to sluggish dvery own.

Girl: Okay, I love you. Slow dvery own now please!

Guy: Hug me too!

(She hugs him tight)

Guy: Please take off my helmet and also wear it, it’s irritating me.

Next off day, the newspaper ran the adhering to story:

“Two persons on a motorbike craburned into a structure. It was a situation of the brakes having failed. One of the persons escaped unhurt yet the other one yielded to injuries.”

The boy knew in the time of the ride that the brakes had failed, so he asked his GF to tell him one final time that she loved him.

9. The Parting Note

A Heart Touching Love Story About The Last Time.


One night, a girl and a boy were driving home in absolute silence.

More time passed and not a word was sassist by both of them.

Finally, the girl slipped the boy a note. He did not check out it. Instead, he told her he wanted to end the connection.

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Suddenly a speeding vehicle came the wrong method and also craburned into the passenger’s side, killing the girl.

The boy might not believe it. He cried and also cried and also called his parents… and then he noticed the note. He picked it up and also opened it. It check out, “If you leave me, I will die.”