Once aacquire, April will wind dvery own through a vital internet moment: the return of the “It’s Gonna Be May” meme on April 30, also recognized as “It’s Gonna Be May Day.” Relevant for sooner or later of the year and also someday only, it’s likewise one of the a lot of regular of annual viral sensations, harkening earlier to the great old days of *NSYNC and singer Justin Timberlake.

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Ultimate celebrity Timberlake has spent many of his life in the public eye, maturing from a cute Miccrucial Mouse Club boy to a curly-haired teen heartthrob boy bander to the dapper family male he is this day. But besides making Trolls music, dabbling in fashion, and also photo battle his wife on the red carpet, Timberlake’s case to fame takes off on social media each spring as April fades away. “It’s Gonna Be May” is the meme that keeps giving, and also it’s all thanks to the iconic voice and challenge of Timberlake. Here’s how the day became a beloved social media phenomenon.

How did the “It’s Gonna Be May” meme spread?

Back in his *NSYNC days, Timberlake contributed to the 2000 smash hit song “It’s Gonna Be Me.” The titular line, as sung by Timberlake, is enunciated with a distinctive twang — turning the final “me” right into “May.” But it wasn’t until 2012 that the tune took on a entirety brand-new meaning, as internet users started to meme-ify the minute, according to database KnowYourMeme.

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Even Obama obtained in on the celebration

The saying was popular enough that President Barack Obama (and his social media team) couldn’t withstand jumping on the bandwagon back in 2014. Obama posted a picture of himself and also Timberlake on Facebook on April 30 through the fateful caption; it racked up virtually half a million likes.

Justin Timberlake made it a yat an early stage tradition

Even Timberlake himself has been able to poke fun at the phenomenon, tweeting around the meme year after year. Meta.

What’s Justin Timberlake’s ago story for the lyric?

In a radio intersee, Timberlake melted some light on the back story behind the inexplicable pronunciation that has actually driven the lyric to enthroughout fame: he was directed to say “me” as “May” many thanks to legendary pop producer Max Martin, who also added to creating the song. “I think he just wanted me to sound choose I was from Tennesview,” Timberlake explained, in his defense. For better or worse, that decision has actually supposed that each year, the song gets a bolt of fresh life simply as the spring flowers are beginning to come right into bimpend.

How did *NSYNC note the day last year?

In 2018, *NSYNC got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on April 30. All 5 members of the boy band — consisting of Lance Bass, JC Chasez, Joey Fatone, Chris Kirkpatrick and Justin Timberlake — rejoined to receive the honor of the 2,636th star in the category of Recording on the Walk of Fame. They joined various other boy bands, favor the Backstreet Boys, Boyz II Men, New Kids On the Block, and also New Edition, that have actually likewise been honored with stars.

Bass, aptly, mutual the news through a call-out to the “fitting” timing of It’s Gonna Be May Day: “How fitting this ceremony will certainly take area on Its Gonna Be May Day! See y’all there!” he composed on Twitter. Quite ideal.

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What’s *NSYNC approximately this year?

While Timberlake is wrapping up his “Man of the Woods” solo tour to promote his latest album, the rest of the band also have actually been doing their very own point. However before, at Coachella music festival in April, headliner Ariana Grande carried them out as surpincrease guests, spurring questions around a potential reunion for the beloved band also. (Other early-oughts team Backstreet Boys recently put out a new album that percreated well on the charts, arguing the moment could be right for a comeback.)

It was their first group performance because Timberlake went solo in 2002, properly ending the team. Only nlinux.org will tell if they setup a full-scale return to create — however “It’s Gonna Be May” Day would be an excellent minute to begin.