UFC 174 this Saturday will certainly attribute a significant matchup at the height of the welterweight hill.

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Longtime height competitor Rory MacDonald will certainly when aacquire get his opportunity to showinstance his well-rounded MMA facet versus worthy knockout specialist and power wrestler Tyron Woodley.

Both Octagon warriors have displayed current success en route to claiming their rightful positions in line for champion Johny Hendricks" following set of title risks.

But when the two imposing athletes lock horns this weekfinish, one rising dynamo will certainly fizzle out prior to our incredibly eyes.

Until then, we"re able to dissect the bout with a very fine lens, separating what each fighter should perform in order to capture ultimate victory.

Here are those keys to success:


Establish an early range

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MacDonald is at his best once he"s able to store his distance, pick his shots and also utilize his organic athleticism.


By doing this, the youngster regulates the facility of the cage with perfected jabs, timely kicks and a beautiful defense.

But in a fight opposite among the finest power punchers in the division, MacDonald is going to need to uncover his variety early on in order to avoid Woodley"s finest shots.

If he have the right to execute this, he"ll enter the third round up on the scorecards.

Utilize his grappling

Regardless of Woodley"s unrivaled wrestling abilities, especially once it comes to overpowering an enemy, MacDonald demands to develop his grappling at some allude in the time of the fight to win.

Whether it"s in the clinch against the cage, off his earlier or in Woodley"s guard, "Ares" must reprimary aggressive and smart to harness his ground-and-pound game to its complete potential.

That"s much easier sassist than done when it comes to a guy as strong and also wily as Woodley is, however MacDonald is no slouch. He"s athletic enough and also well balanced enough to save "The Chosen One" on the ground if and when he gets him there.


Land a large punch early

It"s no secret that Woodley has come to be one of the even more destructive power punchers in the welterweight division.

That said, his finest opportunity to hurt his enemy is always going to lie via the dynamite power in his hands, especially versus a fighter prefer MacDonald that has struggbrought about eat massive shots in the past.

If Woodley have the right to land also somepoint huge early on right into the initially round, then he will have the ability to knock MacDonald off his game plan, hence commanding the in-cage pace and momentum.

Be the better wrestler

If MacDonald is at the peak of his game this Saturday, there will come a time once Woodley"s striking just isn"t cutting it.

For the sake of debate, let"s say it isn"t cutting it. At that point, the power puncher is going to need to go ago to his bread and butter and also look to secure the takedvery own.

As one of the ideal wrestlers at 170 pounds, Woodley is one tough cookie when it comes to securing takedowns and also preventing them.

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Of course, MacDonald is likewise among the better wrestlers in the division, saying Woodley is going to need to be more physical and technically sound than he"s ever been before to obtain the ideal of the 24-year-old.