Romale Reigns has actually been a component of 3 Hell in a Cell matches in his currently significant WWE career. Each enhance differed in quality.

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The enhance versus Braun Strowman finished in a lame no contest after Brock Lesnar interrupted and attacked both males. The match versus Rusev was a burial of the Bulgarian Brute, but had a cool ending as Reigns speared Rusev off the steel actions. However, his first Hell in a Cell match versus Bray Wyatt is his ideal complement in the cell.

Romale Reigns vs Bray Wyatt: Hell in a Cell 2015

Roman’s Hell in a Cell enhance against Wyatt is highly underrated. An remarkable Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar main event overshadowed their timeless battle. Lesnar’s win over Taker was among the many brutal Hell in a Cell matches, however Reigns vs Wyatt even more than held its own. With some remarkable spots and a tangible animosity between the 2, it created an extremely physical fight.

The enhance began through both men throwing heavy right hands at each other. Wyatt was the first to be presented to the cell wall, yet turned the tables on Roguy via a vicious kencarry out stick swarm to Reigns’ skull. From then onwards, the match turned right into a directly up brawl through tools.

A brutal weapon filled brawl


Wyatt presented more kenperform sticks right into the blood bath. He jammed them right into the edge of the cell and drove Reigns head initially into them. However before, Reigns regained manage and also erected 2 tables between the ring and also the cell. Consequently, Wyatt turned the tables on Reigns and also hit him through a uranage via the table. Reigns would gain revenge on Wyatt by hitting him through a powerbomb with a table in the ring.

The finest spot of the match came as soon as Romale Reigns speared Bray Wyatt off the apron through a table propped up in between the ring and the cell. Reigns had the ability to hit an additional spear in the ring and also secure the win in his initially ever Hell in a Cell match.

Reigns moved on from Wyatt to win the WWE Championship at Survivor Series. On the other hand also, Wyatt started a feud with the Brothers of Destruction by kidnapping the Undertaker after his loss to Brock Lesnar.

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Romale Reigns now deals with his cousin Jey Uso at Hell in a Cell. The complement fueled by intense storytelling has an ‘I Quit’ stipulation attached to the Hell in a Cell stipulation. Although Roman’s enhance via Wyatt was superb, his complement versus Jey Uso has actually the potential to be the finest enhance of his illustrious career.