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Pricing for The Rehabilitation and Wellness Centre of Dallas

Nursing Care $8,131* (click below for pricing info)

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Reviews of The Rehabilitation and Wellness Centre of Dallas

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I had the best rehab experience! Was well prepared when I got home, Don’t hesitate to go there if you need rehab!

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About The Rehabilitation and Wellness Centre of Dallas

The Rehabilitation and Wellness Centre of Dallas is situated in the Arts District area of Dallas, Texas. It is a 136 room nursing care facility. The encompassing area is heavily populated, with around 27,000 people residing in the 75204 zip code. It is a largely middle class area, with a median household income of $55,205. Located nearby are numerous local amenities, such as medical facilities, retail stores, and churches. There are numerous pharmacies within one mile of the facility. They"re located only 0.41 miles from Baylor Specialty Hospital. There are also multiple churches within 4 miles, including Emanuel Lutheran Church, Grace United Methodist Church, East Dallas Christian Church, and Munger Avenue Baptist Church.

The Rehabilitation and Wellness Centre of Dallas offers nursing home care. They can care for people who can not live alone and require a higher degree of support and medical care.

This community features many amenities and services. Property amenities include a community dining room, an on-site beautician, a fitness center, wifi, and an on site diner. Also offered are in-room cable TV, safety and disabled fixtures, regular housekeeping, and other room amenities. Additionally, they offer various health services that include heart care, speech therapy, stroke care, wound care, and foot care services.

The approximate monthly average cost of care for this provider is around $8,131. This is higher than the $6,540 average cost in Dallas. The average cost across Texas is around $4,170, which is below the US estimate of $6,360.

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The Rehabilitation and Wellness Centre of Dallas has been registered with Medicaid as well as Medicare since 2009. In the latest Medicare rating, they obtained an aggregate score of 4 / 5 stars based upon a combined measure of all-around quality, personnel reviews, and health inquiries. During that period, they had no payment denials, no complaints filed, 2 deficiencies reported, no fines imposed, and no total penalties imposed.

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