In front of a sellout crowd in what was most likely their last display at Joe Louis Arena, the Red Hot Chili Peppers brought all the hits, and also a handful of shoutouts for Detroit.

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Starting with "Can't Stop," "Dani California" and "Sautomobile Tissue," lead singer and also Grand also Rapids native Anthony Kiedis had the crowd, from the floor to the top deck, on its feet. The Rock & Roll Hall of Famers kept a nice mix of classical hits and songs from its 11th studio album, "The Getamethod," throughout the roughly 90-minute collection.

Check out a gallery of the Chili Peppers concert Thursday, Feb. 2 at Joe Louis Arena at the top of the web page.

Between Kiedis and Flea's on-stage antics and power, one of the highlights was the exceptional phase and constantly moving light display screen as each song had actually a distinct theme, lighting or videos display.

After the last song of the night, the massive light display maneuvered itself to display the iconic Chili Pepper logo over the floor seats.

The team made sure to present the majority of Michigan and Detroit love throughout its collection. Between the mustachioed Kiedis told that crowd "that song was written for that moment" after performing "Detroit." At one allude between songs, Flea talked around just how the team resided in Detroit in the 80s while recording an album for 2 months.

Kiedis was born in Grand Rapids in 1962 and also resided in Lowell before moving to Los Angeles at age 11. Drummer Chad Smith is a fellow Michigander, as he grew up in Metro Detroit and graduated from the previous Lahser High School.

Smith and also Josh Klinghsell rocked Detroit Red Wings gear while Flea supplied a bass through a huge Los Angeles Lakers logo design on the front. The lead singer opted to go shirtmuch less six songs into the group's collection.

While the crowd lost its cumulative cool at the first chords of "Californication," nopoint topped the pop to the beforehand 1990s classic "Under the Bridge."

After departing the stage, the Chili Peppers changed for two encores while a big "Farewell to the Joe" logo was displayed behind Smith's drums. The drummer walked onto the stage for the encore, turned to face the logo design and also pointed in admiration.

The band also has one more Michigan display later on in 2017, in Grand also Rapids at Van Andel Arena. The homecoming for its lead singer is collection for 8 p.m. Sunday, June 25, 2017. Tickets cost $52 or $102.

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