Silently kill the Bounty Hunters by the river through JavierShoot the rope to free SeanGet 10 headshotsComplete the mission without taking any type of health and wellness itemsThe First Shall be LastSean is being held by bounty hunters yet they have to be in the process of transporting him to the federal agents. Time to intervene and also gain their friend back.

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Rewards: Tomahawk, Loot

Short voyage

Arthur finds Javier and Charles on a hill at the edge of Blackwater. Using binoculars they are looking for Sean MacGuire at the camp dvery own listed below. Trelawny arrives and also tells them Sean is being moved up the river and then to a prison out west. They have to rescue him now. Ike Skelding, the bounty hunter that has actually Sean, is taking him to a camp north of here to hand also him off to the federal agents. Charles is sent out to the north and the remainder will certainly come up from behind.Get on your horse and also go discover the boat. Trelawny reminds you that tright here are Pinkertons everywhere the location dvery own here so be cautious. Arriving in the area they spot the boat moving upriver. Follow Trelawny. He tells you not to pull out your firearms until they know Sean is on it. Act herbal so the bounty hunters perform not gain suspicious.When questioned of his absence, Trelawny defines he loves the gang however sleeping in dirt is not his cup of tea. His lead in New York didn"t occupational out so he came ago. He finds much better top quality targets for the gang anymeans. Back to the boat, tbelow is a camp up ahead where bounties get transferred. A little farther ahead the watercraft stops in a small cove throughout the river.Use your binoculars to look at the watercraft. They view Sean taken off the watercraft and also beat. Skelding"s boys start moving him up the canyon. Arthur pans as much as see Charles on a ridge above. There are 2 bounty hunters left on the shore. Trelawny has an idea so follow him.

Paint the walls

Down near the shore Trelawny goes over the plan. He"ll go about and develop a distraction. Then Arthur and also Javier will sneak up for the kill. You deserve to begin the gunfight currently if you wish. If not, gain your knife out and also crouch down. Wait for Trelawny to make his means over and also then follow Javier
through the water. You"ll take the one on the left. After Trelawny tries for an Osautomobile, sneak up and also stealth kill the bounty hunters.After doing his part Trelawny rides off. Go with Javier. There are two more bounty hunters in the canyon. Take them out and the others will certainly be alerted. Tbelow are 7 bounty hunters ahead via one up high on a ridge. Kill them all and Javier will certainly tell you to press up. As you perform 2 bounty hunters come down the pass on horseback and one more will appear up high close to the previous to the left. Kill them and also two more show up on a lower ridge to the best plus one up height aobtain. Take them out.

If you don"t gain the one on the greater ridge Charles is checked out struggling through him. Take a swarm or don"t. Javier claims they should gain up tbelow. Run up the pass as two bounty hunters
approach. Kill them and also keep relocating up. Charles will certainly defeat his attacker if needed and also joins you at the top. He says the camp is ahead. Follow Javier and Charles.

Camp kill yourself

Javier will go left and Charles right. Arthur will certainly go wherever you like. Approach the camp and bullets will fly. Tbelow are 4 bounty hunters spread out throughout the camp behind various cover. Kill them and move up. Two bounty hunters appear from the ideal cabin and one on the water tower. Clear them out and also save relocating.The following wave sees 2 bounty hunters up on the ridge above and one on each side plus an extra making his means to the scene from the right. Kill 3 of them and also the others will flee. Go after them if you wish yet don"t go as well far. Rescue Sean that is hanging upside dvery own in the camp. Shoot or cut the rope. He"ll need extra assist gaining the rope off his ankles.Sean is happy to check out Arthur yet the feeling isn"t fairly mutual. Javier will certainly take Sean earlier to camp. Charles and Arthur will certainly separation up. Arthur will certainly stay right here to look around and satisfy them all ago at camp. The others ride off. You have the right to loot the camp but after a minute the crime committed will certainly be reported so flee the location.Note: Back at camp the others will certainly be celebrating Sean"s rerotate so any type of mission givers tbelow will be unavailable for a night. Tright here are drinks around camp. You have the right to join in through singing and dance via Mary-Beth.

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Gold Tips

Percreate stealth kills on the first 2 bounty hunters. Easy.There is no time or accuracy objective so take it simple. Use cover and acquire as many kind of headshots as feasible. Aim high above an adversary, enter Dead Eye, come dvery own to paint a target on the head, then shoot. Try to save Dead Eye for the ones up high that are tough to obtain.Shoot the rope holding up Sean. Easy.