Jean Marc is an interesting character in Red Dead Redemption 2 that you can eliminate or spare. Here"s a look at what you have the right to execute.

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Red dead 2 Kill or Spare Jean Marc
Actions in Red Dead 2 have actually aftermath. There are a variety of story transforming decisions that players will certainly have to make as they progress via the primary missions in the game. One such decision is whether to kill Jean Marc in the "Idealism and Pragmatism for Beginners" side search. Jean Marc is the Lieutenant of the Saint Denis" mayor named Henri Lemieux. Players will certainly pick up the search after they get a letter from the mayor adhering to the "Gilded Cage" quest.

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Gamers will initially fulfill Jean Marc at the Mayor"s party, which Arthur athas a tendency. Shortly after the party, the Mayor will call Arthur, that will certainly occupational through Marc to track dvery own Shiftacre, an art reviewer threatening to reveal the Mayor"s fraudulent paints. After speaking with Shiftacre, it is clear that Jean Marc despises the Mayor"s slimy and corrupt practices. In the finish, Arthur will have to either side with the Mayor, or side through Jean Marc.

Returning To The Mayor"s Mansion

Mansion Mayor Jean Red Dead 2
After Shiftacre is intimidated into validating the paints, the Mayor will certainly call Arthur aacquire after a couple of days. This time, he desires Arthur to track dvery own an NCOMPUTER called Hector Fellowes and also convince him to contribute money for a public library. Fellowes will not donate willingly, forcing Arthur to get the money by threatening him. Next off, Arthur will certainly return to the Mayor"s mansion to sheight with the him.

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Lemieux is worried that Jean Marc will certainly turn on him and disclose the corruption in the city. He likewise mentions that Jean Marc could spreview rumors about Arthur"s illicit activities. Players will certainly then should travel to Jean Marc"s home, which is in Rue De Zacharie simply south of the A in Saint Denis. Gamers will certainly spot Jean Marc attempting to open his door, and a cutscene will initiate. Arthur will knock him out on the spot. Next, Arthur will certainly need to take Jean Marc earlier to the Mayor"s house without being seen. This step have to not be as well challenging, as it will be nighttime.

Mayor Fake Embrace Red Dead 2
The Mayor will certainly ask Arthur to lug Jean Marc roughly to the ago of the residential property. Once players are in the courtyard at the earlier of the mansion, they must drop Jean Marc to initiate the final cutscene. Lemieux will certainly coax Jean Marc into thinking his life will be spared, however the Mayor"s intentions are much even more sinister. Jean Marc does not aid his case by calling the Mayor corrupt to his confront.

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At the end of the cutscene, Lemieux will order Arthur to kill Jean Marc. Arthur will certainly be on the fence about executing the Mayor"s orders. While Jean Marc is on his knees begging for mercy, players will need to select whether they desire to kill him or spare his life. Few players recognize that the pursuit can actually be completed by Marston rather of Arthur. The language in the last cutscene will certainly be altered bereason Jean Marc is threatening Arthur and not Marston. He will renote that Jean is "running his mouth about my friends." This tiny information was a cool feature in a game through countless dialogue choices.

Jean Marc
The major reward for killing Jean Marc is a irreversible 10% discount in all Saint Denis stores. The mayor will write to Arthur and also send his thanks for getting rid of Marc. However before, choosing this option will mitigate Arthur"s honor. The various other consequence of the decision is that the city will certainly start drilling on the Indian Reservation. After killing Jean Marc, gamers will must dump him into a surrounding pond at the North end of the property. If players return to the very same area and fish close to the location at a later time, they will certainly unlock a covert Easter egg. Once the line is cast, Arthur will reel somepoint in, yet it will certainly not be a fish. At the finish of the line, Jean Marc"s arm will certainly be attached to the hook.

Red Dead Jean Marc

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If Arthur allows Jean Marc go, he will certainly disseminate indevelopment regarding every one of the Mayor"s corrupt methods. Players will obtain positive honor points as well. After a few days of in game time, Arthur will certainly be increated that Jean Marc is the brand-new mayor of Saint Denis. Amid the damning allegations, Lemieux will certainly be compelled to action down from his place. Despite the Mayor"s clintends that Jean Marc will implicate Arthur, the morally correct decision is to let the male walk. Still, the 10% discount and also the incredible Easter egg are challenging to ignore. The great thing about Red Dead 2 is that tbelow is no correct method to play the game. Regardmuch less of which choice they select, gamers will enjoy completing the side pursuit, which is one of the most intriguing in the game.

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