(chorus) Real Girls Get dvery own on the flo' on the flo'.(4x) Like a Pimp(2x).

Lil Flip By the time I hit the door I witnessed hoes on the floor. n____z dressed in suits, tricking all the d___ hoes. Me im a pimp I aint payin for no s__, man id quite buy a car or a brand-new rolex, cuz I gained street paint so hoes flock favor birds. I gained one hoe in range and one hoe in the surbs'. When i hit the club. Imma be wit David Banner, a thug a__ n____ wit negative table manners. We act negative my n____ what is y'all sayin.Like when we walk up in the clubs n____s organize tright here girls hands, cuz the recognize we run trains choo choo all night. How can a girl leave me and also be witch you all night, but its all right cuz you understand we dont kiss, favor Too Short said b____es aint s___. I tries to tell ya that a lot of girls really freaks and also this just how they gottta make there money eextremely week.


David Banner Steppin in the club lookin simply prefer a pimp we cash so were screamin out (say somethin b____) This is the song tell the Dj put on Michael Tyler made you shake sisqo made you present your thong b____ im dead wrong like the playa from the crib. So girl gain on the flo go and get it exactly how you live. And make it soo warm hot and also present your p____ lips. I understand it could be loose however i understand your still flip. b____ dont trip. Aint a d___ thang change. I still love my queen but b____es save to the game. So if you got a hoe shake em up and let them go.Yea and make them girls acquire dvery own on the flo' on the flo' prefer a pimp.


Lil Flip Now dont you hate them ole' lyin a__ hoes snarlin in your challenge wearin her best friends cloths. I mean they choose the method me and Banner pimp. You have the right to capture us at Poppa Do's eating steak and also shrimp.

David Banner Or you can capture us at E&G pourin up. Flip whippin Cali trucks and also girls lickin my nuts we some southern side pimps and also we aint givin a f___. f___ a girl up in the throat and make her swallow the nut.

Lil Flip. We make em' swpermit the nut so follow the truck. Lil Flip and also David Banner we acquired every one of the bucks and also all of the s___s and all the hoes and also so drop it prefer its warm girl touch ure f___in toes ohhh.

David Banner Touch your toes yea. Make me Roll and also, at the mall buying me some cloths andif boys trill im bust a clip all you women cant f___ wioth me and also Lil Flip.

Lil Flip. n____ n____ n____ Yea this is for the actual money makin n____s out tbelow you recognize gain your m_________in money dont concern about the next n____ gain your mom f___in money. Get your m_________in money n____. Money Money Money

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Lael J. Woodbury 1 Nephi 4 Lyrics