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Well you can have read it in the paperIt happened just last weekAbout the male up on the buildingShootin' civilization in the streetWell they recorded him and also took him inFor psychiatric observationThen they hosted a push conferenceAnd offered this explanationThey shelp, "Don't blame his alcoholic fatherOr his co-dependent motherIt wasn't his sociopathic sisterOr his transvestite brotherNaw, he simply been on the freemethod for hoursWhen he lastly shed his mindTright here were oarray barrels everywhereAnd he was stuck behindA little bit blue-haired ladyIn a huge babsence OldsmobileYeah, you could bacount view her peekin' outBeneath that steerin' wheel!She couldn't rotate that point aroundIn a forty-acre field!A little blue-haired ladyIn a huge black Oldsmobile
A little blue-haired ladyIn a rockin' '98Doin' twenty miles an hour, flat outOn the interstateShe wouldn't rate up, she wouldn't turnTo the left or right or yieldA bit blue-haired ladyIn a large black OldsmobileDo you remember Pearl HarborDecember seventh, '41?How the Japanese bombed our fleetIn a sneak attack at dawn?When Roosevelt asked the Japanese ambassador"Why didn't you offer us warnin'?"He sassist, "We send a message but our driver was stuck in web traffic all mornin'! Heh heh!"Behind a small blue-haired ladyIn a big babsence OldsmobileYou could badepend check out her tiny fingersOn peak of the steerin' wheelShe wouldn't speed up, she wouldn't turnTo the left or right or yieldA little blue-haired ladyIn a large black Oldsmobile
Ooh, little blue-haired ladiesIn big black OldsmobilesIf you've ever been behind one friendsYou know just how it feelsTo view that little bit blue head a-peekin' outBeneath that steerin' wheelLord, provide me from blue-haired ladiesAnd massive babsence Oldsmobiles!Yes, it was a little blue-haired ladyIn a large black Oldsmobile!Lady, if you don't rate up, you're gonna get a parkin' ticket!

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