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"Words. I"m surrounded by hundreds of words" (Chapter 1, p. 9).

"I guess I identified I was different a tiny at a time" (Chapter 2, p. 15).

"When I sleep, I dream. And in my dreams I have the right to do anything" (Chapter 7, p. 41).

"I think I knew Mom was going to have a baby also before she did. She smelled various, favor brand-new soap. Her skin felt softer and warmer" (Chapter 9, p. 53).

"Wouldn"t it be cool if somebody might invent a bubble-talking machine prior to fifth grade starts in a pair of weeks" (Chapter 10, p. 63).

"I cshed my eyes, trying not to cry, dreaming of the perfect Melody-made computer" (Chapter 14, p. 84).

"When I think around it, I realize I have actually never, ever before sassist any words directly to my parental fees. So I press a couple of buttons, and the machine speaks the words I"ve never been able to say. "I love you"" (Chapter 15, p...

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