This page has a large list of prevalent worries students have actually had actually when establishing up and making use of Qt Creator.Consider searching this page utilizing Ctrl+F (Command+F on Mac) to attempt to jump conveniently to the text of the appropriate error message or concern.

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Q: Wbelow must I put my project on my hard drive?Does it need to go in the C:Qt folder through the Qt Creator application?A: No; in fact, we strongly recommfinish putting it somewright here exterior the Qt Creator magazine.Placed it somewright here inside your My Documents folder, or something prefer that.Q: When I try to run my regimen on the computers on Windows in the LaIR or other on-campus clusters, Qt Creator crashes.Help!A: Qt Creator periodically doesn"t like it once your project is stored on the network mutual "AFS" space.In certain, your Downloads magazine is a negative area to put a task.Instead try using your "U:" drive or the regional "E:" drive to work-related on your project.Or reboot the machine into Mac OS X, which does not have this trouble.Q: When I open up my .cpp file, I can"t Build or Run it.Those butlots are grayed out.What is wrong?A: You should open a project, not just a .cpp file.Choose "File" → "Open Data or Project..." and also navigate to the project"s .pro file.Open that in Qt Creator and then from inside the task, open up the .cpp source code to edit and compile it.Q: Typically the left side of the window reflects my project and also all of its records.But now, that entire area is missing or does not show my job any type of even more.Where did it go, and exactly how execute I acquire it to come back?A: If you check out a drop-down box in that left area, click it and make sure it"s set to "Projects".If you don"t check out any drop-dvery own box or left area, click Window → Show Sidebar (or press Alt-0).Q: When I attempt to compile my regimen I see an error message saying, "symbol(s) not found for architecture x86_64."It does not offer a line number.What does it mean, and also how execute I deal with it?

A: This means that you tried to use a function you didn"t specify.Often this is because of a distinction in between the parameters or rerevolve form in the attribute prototype and function definition.To obtain more indevelopment about the error, click on the "4 Compile Output" tab close to the bottom of the screen, and scroll as much as uncover any appropriate lines of error messages:


Q: When I initially fill up a task in Qt Creator, I watch the complying with error message.What does it suppose, and also how carry out I solve it?

Could not discover qmake configuration file default.Error while parsing file /Users/foobar/cs106b/Life/ Giving up.A: This is just a warning message that you should have the ability to overlook.If you are able to develop and run the task, you don"t need to concern around this message.Some students have reported that this warning goes away if you go to the Qt Creator Options → Build & Run → Kits tab,and also then set one of your actual "kits" to be the default, not "manual" or "Desktop".But you shouldn"t should perform this.

Q: When I attempt to compile my task, I watch something choose this:"No dominion to make / can not discover ..........debugFILENAME.o."What is going on?

A: This occasionally means Qt Creator is perplexed about what records need to / shouldn"t be part of your job.Follow the actions listed below to re-initialize your project.

(Windows-only)Q: I am able to compile the sample task, but when I run it, the consingle window does not pop up.The regime simply seems to freeze and also sit there.What is wrong?

A: Typically this means that tright here is a trouble via your Java JDK installation.Most frequently this occurs on a Windows machine once you have multiple versions of Java mounted.The best settle is to uninstall all older versions of Java from your machine.Go to Control Panel → Programs → Uninstall Programs.In the list that pops up, scroll down to the "J" area and also look for "Java".If you see multiple entries tbelow, uninstall all of them various other than Java JDK/SDK 1.8.(In specific, look for and also remove "JRE" or "Java Runtime Environment" entries, and rerelocate any kind of versions of Java older than 1.8.)

If removing old versions of Java does not deal with the difficulty, and you are utilizing Windows 7 or greater, attempt the following progressed option.First, go number out wright here precisely your Java JDK has actually been set up on your device.Look in C:Program FilesJava or C:Program Files (x86)Java for folders whose names start via "jdk".In our instance, the folder name is "C:Program FilesJavajdk1.8.0_60" , however substitute whatever before your folder is referred to as.

Once you have actually found out wbelow Java is mounted, open up a Command Prompt (push the Windows essential or Start button, then type "command prompt" and choose the initially choice that appears.)A babsence console window must show up.Into that home window, type the adhering to command also and also press Enter:

setx JAVA_HOME "C:Program FilesJavajdk1.8.0_60"No output need to appear when you push Enter.But currently if you rebegin Qt Creator and also re-run your job, it may be able to find your Java JDK installation properly.

Q: My jobs compile properly, but as soon as I try to run the project on Windows 8, I check out this error message: "SHIMVIEW: ShimInfo(Complete)FTH: (712): *** Fault tolerant heap shim applied to present procedure. This is typically due to previous crashes. ***"What does it mean?A: It commonly happens once you don"t have Java mounted effectively.See the Java JDK installation steps over.Uninstall any old versions of Java on your system if essential.(Windows-only)Q: When I attempt to compile my routine I check out an error message, "cannot open up output file ...MyProgram.exe: Permission denied".What does it mean?How perform I solve it?

A: It suggests that your executable is still running from the last time you ran/tested the program a moment earlier.Make sure to shut dvery own any type of previously running instances of your routine.You might must open your operating system"s Task Manager to soptimal them all.


(Windows-only)Q: When I try to run my regime I view a pop-up home window through an error message saying, "Runtime Error!"and also, "This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual method."What does it mean?How perform I deal with it?

A: This means that there"s an error in your code (an unhandled exception, specifically).You"ll must permit Tools => Options => Debugger => GDB Extfinished => "Sheight when abort() is called".

To acquire more indevelopment about the error you must run your code in a debugger. Instead of clicking the green arrow (Ctrl + R) to run your program, click the green arrow with a pest on it (F5).When your routine encounters the error which led to the problem in the first location, you"ll be placed in a debugger looking at the exact moment the crash occured.

(Windows-only)Q: When I attempt to compile and run a task, I acquire errors related to an "xcopy" command.What is going on?A: We have watched this when a Windows user has actually an application called "Cygwin" mounted on their system.Cygwin adds particular Unix/Linux regulates to Windows, however it have the right to interfere via some built-in Windows regulates required by our system.Our said solve is to uninstall Cygwin and try aobtain, or to usage a machine that does not have actually Cygwin installed.(Windows-only)Q: When I try to run a job, it claims that my executable "exited through code 255".I occasionally also see a message about "SHIMVIEW: ShimInfo(Complete)".What is going on, and also exactly how perform I deal with it?A: We have checked out this once a Windows user has an application dubbed "Cygwin" set up on their device.Cygwin adds specific Unix/Linux commands to Windows, yet it have the right to interfere through some integrated Windows commands essential by our mechanism.Our said settle is to uninstall Cygwin and also attempt aacquire, or to usage a machine that does not have Cygwin set up.Q: If I produce a C++ task of my own, it builds and also runs fine.But when I try the SampleProject or the Homework-related ZIP project, it builds efficiently and then does not run.Why not?A: This generally implies you don"t have actually Java JDK 7 effectively mounted as explained above.Follow the Java procedures above to encertain that you perform have actually Java.(Mac-only)Q: When I try to run my routine, I check out red error text saying, "No Java runtime current, requesting install."But as soon as I follow the prompts, it doesn"t solve the Java issue and package just pops up aacquire later.How execute I resolve my Java on my Mac?

A: Don"t follow those message prompts that pop up; unfortunately they lead you to the wrong version of Java.Go to this Oracle Java downfill page to downfill and install Java JDK on your Mac.

(Mac-only)Q: When I try to install Qt Creator on my Mac, it states, "Cannot verify the identification of the developer."What is wrong?

A: Open up System Preferences (in your Applications folder), go to Security and also Privacy, and click the lock in the bottom left (and also enter your password).In the menu under "Allow apps downloaded from:", choose "Anywhere" and also click the lock to conserve.Now, install Qt Creator.Once you"re done installing, click the lock aget, select "Mac App Store and also figured out developers", and click the lock once more to save.Another fix: Instead of double-clicking the .dmg file once you install, right-click it and also select Open.

(Mac-only)Q: When I try to run my routine in debug mode, I see a pop-up home window through an error message saying, "No debugger erected."What does it mean?How do I resolve it?

A: This error periodically shows up through more recent versions of Xcode.Apple completely removed the "gdb" debugger from Xcode 5, so you need to usage a new debugger dubbed "LLDB" instead.Future versions of Qt Creator will detect this immediately, yet Xcode 5 was released rather freshly, so for now we have to resolve this manually.

To fix the worry, click Qt Creator => Options => Build & Run => Kits.Click on the auto-detected kit => click clone => make default.Find the line which states debugger, and click modify.Change the selection from "GDB engine" to "LLDB engine", and also form in "/usr/bin/lldb" in the message box.

Once you end up doing that, you"ll have to cshed Qt Creator.Go to the directory wbelow you keep your assignment, and delete all files ending in ".pro.user".Then, click the .pro file and you can reconnumber your project via the debugger all set to go.

(Mac-only)Q: When I attempt to compile my task, I check out errors of "string file not found" and also "No such sysroot catalog."What"s going on?

A: This error appears to occur as soon as your mechanism updays Xcode to version 7, which is not totally compatible through Qt Creator.Here are a couple of things you have the right to try that may deal with it.

1) Modify .pro file:Double-click your project"s .pro file in the Qt Creator left panel.It will certainly open up in a message editor window.Scroll dvery own to the adhering to line:

QMAKE_MAC_SDK = macosxChange that line to the complying with, then save and also recompile.

QMAKE_MAC_SDK = macosx10.112) Downgrade to Xcode 6:Only attempt this if choice (1) above didn"t solve the problem.

Close Qt Creator. (You do not need to uninstall / reinstall Qt Creator.)In your Finder application, go to the Applications folder.Find the item in that folder called "Xcode".Rename it to "Xcode7".Install Xcode 6 on your device by unpacking the .dmg file and also dragging it to your Applications folder; it need to put itself right into the Applications folder and also should contact itself simply "Xcode".You"ll still have actually Xcode7 tbelow, but now your machine need to favor utilizing Xcode (Xcode 6) instead.Now launch Xcode 6 as soon as so that it have the right to downfill and erected its sustaining libraries.Now re-launch Qt Creator and attempt to recompile your task.(Mac-only)Q: When I attempt to run my project in Debug mode, the program simply sits tright here.Why won"t it run?

A: I don"t understand why this fixes it, however if you poke it a couple of times by putting breakpoints in your code as it"s founding up, it"ll job-related fine. (Number of pokes compelled varies.)Anvarious other point that can occupational is clicking "Windows" -> "Views" -> "Debugger Log" and also then entering any type of text you would like in the console to the left of the "Command: " prompt that currently becomes visible in your Debug watch.Number of pokes here is mostly only one.

Q: I tried to include a brand-new cpp file to my task (such as life-additional.cpp).But now everything is broken!I am getting errors about duplicate signs for every attribute I create in the new file.

A: Qt Creator gets perplexed as soon as you include documents to an existing job that has actually already been initialized.The best way to include a brand-new file to a job is to close Qt Creator, put a blank new file right into your project"s src/ brochure making use of your operating system"s file traveler / finder.Then "re-initialize" your project as defined below.(The exact same holds true if you desire to include an input file like a message file or photo to your project"s res/ or "Other Files" magazine.)

Q: When I try to compile my project, I check out this error:"Duplicate values for design x86_64"

A: It might be any of a number of reasons: Maybe you added a document to their project in Qt Creator, which adds a double-entry in your .pro file.Maybe you supplied "add a C++ class" function in QtC, very same thing.Maybe you foracquired #ifndef roughly a .h file (if it"s a later assignment about classes and objects).Whatever before you did, the best point to attempt is to "re-initialize" your job as defined listed below.

Q: When I attempt to compile my project, it claims, "no recommendation to Main."What is wrong?A: You need to put the complying with line at the peak of your file:

#incorporate "console.h"Q: When I attempt to compile my project, I acquire an error similar to:"No dominion to make targain "../../../../../../../../../Qt/Qt5.5/5.5/mingw48_32/mkspecs/modules/qt_lib_qtmultimediaquickdevices.pri", needed by "Makefile". Soptimal."What is wrong?A: Unfortunately, Qt Creator does not always play well with lengthy folder routes or folder/file names through spaces in them.The most basic settle is to make a folder for class that"s not in a super-deep folder, and make sure that the folder name (and also the name of the folder it"s in, and also the name of the folder that one is in, etc) do not have spaces.Q: When I attempt to compile my job, I obtain the extremely vague message, "Error 1".What is that, and also what have to I do?A: This error have the right to happen for many reasons.Sometimes you recalled or deleted and so on. a paper in res/ that the compiler is trying to find.Generally the ideal point to try is to "re-initialize" your project as defined listed below.If that does not deal with it, click the bottom "4 Compile Output" tab, copy/paste its entire output into an e-mail to the instructor and also TA, and they might have the ability to help you.

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Q: When I attempt to compile my job, I get the incredibly vague message, "Error 4".What is that, and also what have to I do?

A: This error can occur for many reasons.Many often we have checked out it when the student is running an worldwide variation of Windows (e.g. Chinese, Oriental, etc.)and has actually folder or file names that contain global characters in them.Try moving your task right into a basic folder name containing only English personalities, and also then "re-initialize" your project as described listed below.If that doesn"t fix it, click the bottom "4 Compile Output" tab, copy/paste its entire output into an email to the instructor and TA, and they might be able to assist you.

Q: I have actually some other assorted error or trouble.Is there anypoint else I deserve to try?

A: About 90% of random Qt Creator concerns we"ve seen have the right to be reresolved by "re-initializing" your job.Here are the measures to re-initialize a project.(Please note that these measures involve deleting some documents from your computer system.Be mindful not to delete your assignment solution code.Make frequent backups of your records.)