Pulling a String to Acceleprice a Wheel
A bicycle wheel is installed on a fixed, frictionmuch less axle, as shown
. A massless string is wound roughly the wheel"s rim, and a constant horizontal pressure of magnitude starts pulling the string from the peak of the wheel beginning at time
once the wheel is not rotating. Suppose that at some later time
the string has actually been pulled with a distance . The wheel has actually moment of inertia
, wright here is a dimensionmuch less number less than 1, is the wheel"s mass, and also is its radius. Assume that the string does not slip on the wheel.

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Find , the angular acceleration of the wheel, wnlinux.orgch outcomes from pulling the string to the left. Use the conventional convention that counterclockwise angular accelerations are positive.
Expush the angular acceleration, , in regards to , , , and (but not ).

The pressure pulling the string is constant; therefore the magnitude of the angular acceleration of the wheel is continuous for tnlinux.orgs configuration.

Find the magnitude of the angular velocity of the wheel as soon as the string has actually been pulled a distance .

Keep in mind that tbelow are two ways to uncover an expression for ; these expressions look incredibly different yet are tantamount.

Part B.3
When has actually the string been pulled a distance ?

Part not displayed

Expush the angular velocity of the wheel in regards to the displacement , the magnitude of the used pressure, and the minute of inertia of the wheel , if you"ve found such a solution. Otherwise, adhering to the ideas for tnlinux.orgs component have to lead you to express the angular velocity of the wheel in terms of the displacement , the wheel"s radius , and also .
=(2*d*alpha/r)^(1/2) (2*F*d/I_w)^(1/2)

Tnlinux.orgssolution have the right to be acquired from the equations of rotational motion andthe equations of activity with constant acceleration. An alternatetechnique is to calculate the job-related done over the displacement by the pressure and equate tnlinux.orgs job-related to the increase in rotational kinetic power of rotation of the wheel

, the speed of the string after it has actually been pulled by over a distance .

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Keep in mind that tnlinux.orgs is the rate that an object of mass
(wnlinux.orgch is much less than ) would certainly acquire if pulled a distance by a pressure through consistent magnitude .