Readers were instantly beguiled by Rob Brezsny"s new approach to the humble horoscope once his "Free Will Astrology" column first showed up in 1996. Instead of the generic, one-size-fits-all style of equivalent columns, Brezsny supplied witty parables, tender rants, social riffs, pagan wisdom, and lively rituals in his playcompletely positive readings. He brings that very same sensibility—and also the very same message of a smiling universe—to this self-assist book for civilization that might be cynical around self-aid publications. Brezsny persuasively advises readers to go together with the universe"s excellent intentions, however his rejection of cynicism and also a bleak view of human nature isn"t rooted in denial. On the contrary, he provides a case for a cagey optimism that calls for a vigorous engagement through the dark forces. He asks us to rethink life as a sublime game created for our amusement and also illumination. The book is a chameleon of a tome. You deserve to review it straight via, progressively and sudepend, or else pick it up and open it at random for tasty hits of catalyst as the spirit moves you. You can also start at the end and also weave your method backward. Brezsny has actually significantly updated this edition—he included practically one hundred pages—by broadening various sections, adding even more than a dozen brand-new pieces and also a brand-new chapter, and also offering readers with a number of playtime tasks and exercises that let them get involved via their own composing and also illustration. "Brezsny"s horoscopes are like little bit valentines, buoyant and spilling over with mischievousness. They"re a spirit prognosis." —The New York Times

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As much a storyteller and social observer as astrologer, Rob Brezsny brings a liteprice, myth-savvy perspective to his astrological creating. "Free Will Astrology," his syndicated weekly column, appears in 120 publications everywhere the human being.In addition to his publications and also column, Brezsny is a musician and also has actually created five music albums. Three were through the band World Entertainment War, which videotaped on MCA Records and was nominated for a Bammie, California"s variation of the Grammies. Bill Graham, among rock"s height impresarios, regulated the band also until his fatality. Brezsny is currently functioning on a brand-new CD, This Is a Perfect Moment, which will serve as the soundtrack for the book Pronoia.Between 1979 and the present, Brezsny has actually performed in even more than 700 reflects, from intimate performance art venues to huge rock mirrors at the Whole Planet Festival in Davis, The golden state. After leaving the rock music company for excellent in 2000, he branched out to build a series of performance art reflects, which he perdeveloped at the Burning Man Festival in 2001, 2002, and 2004. He resides in Mill Valley, CA.

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"I have actually watched the future of Amerideserve to literary works and its name is Rob Brezsny."—Tom Robbins, author of Still Life through Woodpecker, Jitterbug Perfume, and also many type of more"With this work—an immediate pop classic—Rob Brezsny uses a positive, participatory, proactive vision of the workings of our inner and also external world, which will just give us as a lot pleacertain, love, and ecstasy as we are ready to accept."—Daniel Pinchbeck, author of 2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl"This wild, wise, and also subversive book is a must read for those who want to live a more imagiaboriginal and also totally free life . . . Rob Brezsny is a Culture Hero."—Utne Reader"I dig Rob Brezsny for his powerful yet playful insights, his poeattempt, and his humor . . . I salute him for his dedication to inspiration."—Jachild Mraz, singer-songwriter"Brezsny holds his own place alongside other social shamans such as Robert Anton Wilson, Timothy Leary, Reverfinish Ivan Stang, William S. Burroughs, and also Ken Kesey."—PopMatters"The verbally acrobatic, mystically literate Brezsny lets fly a thousand zingers, each via the feel of having actually been carved via poetic initiative to expush a hard reality instead of a platitude."—San Francisco Chronicle"Brilliant! Absorbing! Wildly useful! Rob Brezsny gets my nomicountry for best prophet in a starring duty. He’s a script doctor for the soul."—Marisa Tomei, actress"With Pronoia, renegade wizard Rob Brezsny presents an irreverent manifesto, mixing activism and also optimism. It reads prefer the I Ching on Ecstasy and is as insightful and puzzling as a Zen koan."—Body + Soul“If you review a snippet of eexceptionally day, you’re bound to endure even more than a tiny bliss. We already loved Rob for his thoughtful and astute horoscopes…yet those are mere glimpses of his plentiful wisdom, humor, and encyclopedic storehouse of information. Sit down via this compendium of rumicountries, suggestions and outlandish observations and also let your imagination run wild.”—Whole Life Times“Pronoia depicts life as a gift whose objective is to enwealthy the human soul… When you view life from this perspective, living takes on a newfound joy and also illumination.”—Spiritual Media Blog“Like some voluble combination of HL Mencken and also a Sufi whirling dervish, Brezsny writes with disarming fluidity while still staying acerbic. Pronoia’s style is as well sinuous, also wriggly and challenging to classify, edgy and also uncomfortable and literally kick-ass (he supporters the athletic kicking of one’s own ass via some regularity).”—Santa Fe Reporter   “I am deeply influenced by the illuminated words of Rob Brezsny. He is a word wizard for the heart."—SARK, writer of Succulent Wild Woman, Eat Mangoes Naked, and Change Your Life Without Getting Out of Bed   “You do not need The Church, a Savior, a Guru, or psilocybin mushrooms to ‘break on with to the various other side.’ Brezsny takes you there in the peras of Pronoia. It’s the finest book I’ve read in the 21st century!”—Chris Duel, News-Talk 550 KTSA, San Antonio, Texas   “In Pronoia, Brezsny tenderly leads us right into the practice of re-imagining the civilization as a compassionate miracle. It’s the finest project platform I’ve heard in years. And the book provides a bevy of concepts for tricksters to re-produce the universe. Brezsny for president!”—Santa Cruz Sentinel   “Pronoia is choose stepping with your very own magic looking glass. Brezsny is a diabolical lyricist, an infectious dreamer, and a riotous Doctor of Know.”—   “In this age of divisiveness in national politics and also religious beliefs, it’s rare to come throughout somepoint uplifting enough to capture your eye lengthy enough for you to put down your remote and actually review something.”—Chico News & Resee   “Now, you could think that Pronoia is some kind of mealy new-aged crap, or yet an additional ‘organization success/self-help’ rag. But you’d be wrong. It is, in fact, the many marvelous inanimate object I’ve ever organized in my hands.”—Corinna Bloom   “Pronoia is a food processor for the spirit, a socket wrench for mindset adjustment, and a garbage disposal for the heart. It shreds, dices, pulses, grinds, and disintegrates all the negative myths that the doom and gloomers throw our way, and also blends them into a mind-soopoint smoothie for colorful living.”—Rob Grogan, Front Porch   “Pronoia is a life hands-on for not simply overthrowing the dictator within (and also so without) yet more essential than this, a manual for producing an intelligent, sexy and juicy different to the Big Should."—“If you recognize someone that is dvery own on himself and also the people, that spends most of his time complaining quite than creating (and also who doesn’t recognize someone choose that?) this is the perfect gift for him or her. Pronoia is filled with great uplifting indevelopment, and also maybe nopoint states it much better than the book’s tag line: ‘888 Tricks for Becoming a Wildly Disciplined, Fiercely Tender, Ironically Sincere, Scrupulously Curious, Aggressively Sensitive, Blasphemously Reverent, Lyrically Logical, Lustfully Compassionate Master of Rowdy Bliss.’” —New Paradigm Digest“With excellent zest and an inimitable imagination, Brezsny sees the present moment as the perfect moment. … Throughout this extraplain book, he celebrates many of the qualities we have actually incorporated in our vision of Spiritual Literacy: creativity, wonder, gratitude, reverence, play, beauty, compassion, connections, mystery, and more.

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… Suffice it to say, this is a rollercoaster ride that surprises, entertains, and edifies in equal actions. It is the perfect reresource to lift your spirits and also send you on your method rejoicing!” —Spirituality & Practice