Or are the distinctions between Pokémon weight/elevation pudepend cosmetic, i.e. "just for fun"?


Update: It appears that the conclusion below is false, and as of currently we are unsure of the correlation between Weight/Height and also any type of various other of the Pokémon"s stats. I have actually viewed several counter-examples to the trend I oboffered, both from individual experience and from other civilization and also so I am no longer confident that tbelow is a connection. Once even more indevelopment, incorporating movecollection and also various other variables (such as - "was it captured at this CP level or did you raise it to this CP level?"), pertains to light, hopefully we will certainly have actually a more definitive explanation for the variability of HP vs CP.

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The tests I conducted proved that yes, weight (and maybe height) are appropriate to a Pokémon"s stats. From what I observed, for two Pokémon of the exact same CP, the one with higher weight will certainly have higher HP. This suggests that it is more vital to host on to Heavier (XL) Pokémon and also location much less focus on increasing XS Pokémon. I did not focus on elevation as soon as I pulled my sample together, however tright here is no clear trend across the two examples I provided, its effects will have to be looked right into better.

The 2 sepaprice instances I used to involved this conclusion are as follows-

First Case:

I captured 2 Pidgeys of the very same CP level (93) in a really brief time. Comparing their weights, I uncovered that one had actually better HP, and realized that this was positively associated with weight. Interestingly, in this situation the Pidgey via the bigger elevation value was the one with much less HP, which I believed might assumed might indicate a negative correlation, yet this was not constant via the following case.


Second Case:

I had actually one sparrowhead of CP level 77 and also another at a reduced CP level, yet through an (XL) tag for it"s weight. I upgraded the reduced one to CP 75, and also uncovered that the (XL) Pokémon had even more health and wellness than its smaller sized cousin (that was 2 CP levels higher). This definitely supplies more support in favor of weight factoring into a Pokémon"s HP. Interestingly in this instance the height raised along with the HP/weight, arguing versus an adverse correlation.


The quantities shown for HP differences may seem small, yet store in mind that this is at incredibly low CP levels, so I intend the result to be more noticeable at higher levels.

Obviously this is just 2 cases, so drawing conclusions based off of such a small sample size isn"t appropriate, and I will attempt to find even more examples that have the right to assist melted light on this partnership. If anyone has actually any contradictory examples please write-up them, as it would certainly absolutely assist clear this up.

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Edit: I"ll write-up the added cases tomorrow, but I have actually discovered 4 even more examples wbelow a higher weight Pokémon of equal or lesser CP has a higher HP than its smaller sized cousin.