Pluto dwells on the inner edge of the The Kuiper belt which is a belt of asteroids that lies on the external edge of the solar mechanism.

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Pluto is a dwarf planet that is supposed to be no much longer a world and is still considered a earth bereason of its background in the solar mechanism.

It takes 248 years to make one orbit approximately the sun. As to wbelow it is, counts on time.


Kuiper belt


Kuiper belt is a disc that is current in the solar device on the outer side. It exhas a tendency from the orlittle of Neptune and also then reaches as much as 50 AU from the sunlight. 

The Kuiper belt is also recognized as Edgeworth Kuiper belt. 

Besides the dwarf earth pluto it likewise includes a number of comets, asteroids and various other dwarf planets such as Eris, Maumee, etc. 



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