The perboy who’s been hequipped — or the perchild whose pets have actually been hequipped — may file a civil lawsuit versus you, seeking financial redress. See our web page on Stperiods of a Civil Trial for more indevelopment around what is likely to ensue, in that situation.

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They might additionally file a complaint seeking to have your dog declared dangerous — and also possibly even to have your dog euthanized or rerelocated to a new house out of the neighborhood.

This page is a brief overview of what to mean in that event. It is not a substitute for an attorney. An attorney have the right to best advise you on exactly how to protect yourself and also your dog, if someone is seeking to have your dog declared dangerous.


Here are the basics:

The law varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction:

Tbelow is no federal dangerous dog law. States will have their own dangerous dog regulation. Some counties and cities also have dangerous dog laws.

These laws will certainly vary regarding what actions is deemed dangerous. In some, one bite can bring about a dangerous dog determination; in others, the dog need to have bitten more than once. Similarly, some jurisdictions might think about a dog dangerous if that dog has actually killed another pet, in others not.

The measures additionally differ between jurisdictions:

If your dog is accoffered of an assault, he or she might be seized and also put on “bite hold” at a neighborhood shelter. You will certainly then primarily be entitled to a hearing prior to your dog is asserted dangerous. This hearing may be prior to an bureaucratic hearing officer or before a judge.

The party seeking to have actually your dog declared dangerous — an pet control agency or an injured party — will present evidence showing why they believe this desigcountry is correct. If you are contesting the dangerous dog desigcountry, you might present evidence mirroring why your dog have to not be asserted dangerous.

Some examples include:

Evidence relating to identity. Was it your dog that struck, or can it have been an additional dog?Evidence relating to the severity of the strike. Was the bite not as major as contended?Evidence relating to why the dog assaulted. Was your dog deffinishing you? Was the perchild bitten provoking your dog?

The regulation in your jurisdiction will recognize if you, or an additional party, may appeal the determicountry.

If your dog is declared dangerous:

Tbelow are a variety of things that could happen. You could be forced to muzzle your dog in public or to affix a “vicious dog” sign to your front door. You might be ordered to rerelocate your dog to a different jurisdiction — in various other words, to discover your dog a brand-new house in one more community.

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Tbelow is also the possibility that your dog will certainly be ordered to be euthanized. Since of these major stakes, we urge anyone whose dog might be declared dangerous to consult a lawyer.