Last spring, in March of 2018, Congress passed an Omnibus spending bill that continued to money the nation’s largest abortion provider, despite a pro-life majority in Congress. March for Life and March for Life Action, together with the pro-life grassroots, were exceptionally disappointed. March for Life Action activists sent out 25,000 messperiods to Capitol Hill to share that sentiment.

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But that did not sheight us from pushing forward in the direction of the vital goal of deresources Planned Parenthood. We began petitioning HHS Secretary Alex Azar to take action; countless marchers lent their voice to this vital reason. And the Administration heard our voice!

In May 2018, HHS announced the Protect Life Rule, which would disentangle taxpayer dollars from resources abortion, via the money redirected to thorough family health and wellness and also planning centers that don’t percreate abortions and understand that abortion is not healthcare. As March for Life President Jeanne Mancini wrote at the time, “For decades the March for Life and also others have actually been functioning to reinstate Title X regulations that clearly separate abortion from healthcare – abortion is not healthcare.”

March for Life activists continued to respond in support to the Protect Life Rule as it went via the public comment duration at HHS, submitting over 13,000 comments in support of the rule. Overall, From March via July of 2018, March for Life proponents sent out 89,000 messperiods to Congress around vital pro-life policies regarded deresources Planned Parenthood and also the Title X ascendancy.

The dominion wound its way via the court mechanism, via the ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, a bench that is not typically favorable to the pro-life cause, simply last week upholding the dominance. The March for Life welcomes the decision from the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals lifting the injunctions on the Trump Administration’s Title X dominance, and also applauds the Trump Administration for letting the Protect Life Rule take impact immediately. Abortion is neither health and wellness care nor family planning and therefore should not be funded by the Title X routine. Plus, a majority of Americans oppose taxpayer capital of abortion. This regulation helps to acquire taxpayers out of the abortion company, without cutting sources for those in need.

We need to not shed sight of why our initiatives and the Protect Life Rule are important. Four years back this month, in July of 2015, the first videos from the Center for Medical Progress were released, revealing the barbaric fetal tissue trafficking methods happening in Planned Parenthood centers across the country. An company that commits over 320,000 abortions each year, and has actually been captured illegally transporting fetal tconcern, need to not be receiving a dime of taxpayer money.

There is likewise an extremely vital lesboy in the story of the Protect Life Rule. Our initiatives to influence laws and policies for the pro-life reason have actually been going on for decades. In an op-ed for The Hill last year, March for Life Action President Tom McClusky documented the history of the regulations dating earlier to the Reagan Administration. The Protect Life Rule still encounters a court challenge and it’s fairly feasible that its fate will certainly be in the hands in the UNITED STATE Supreme Court.

But we have to never shed heart as we seek to promote life-affirming regulations and also policies – the resides of the unborn and also the health of women are at stake. Our voices issue, and also we must continue to raise them – in the public square, via our lawmachines and also plan machines, and also with our friends and family members. Your voice matters – you deserve to make a difference.

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July 17, 2019 By Ann Clare Levy Leave a Comment

Planned Parenthood President Fired

On Tuesday, July 16, the President of Planned Parenthood, Dr. Leana Wen, was removed from her place by the Board Chairs.

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In an open up statement posted to Twitter, Dr. Wen claimed her removal was because of “philosophical differences” in between her and the Board’s vision for the abortion organization’s future. In a sepaprice letter to her colleagues, Dr. Wen proclaimed the differences occurred from her objectives to refocus Planned Parenthood as a health and wellness treatment provider. She continued, “The brand-new Board leadership has figured out that the priority of Planned Parenthood relocating forward is to double dvery own on abortion rights advocacy.”

The removal of Dr. Wen is a clear indication that Planned Parenthood is a political organization whose main goal is abortion, and also not the health treatment of its patients.

On Fox News, March for Life President Jeanne Mancini commented on Dr. Wen’s dismissal: “Make no mistake, Planned Parenthood is a political machine and their bottom line is about abortion, not healthcare.”

WATCH the complete clip:

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You deserve to likewise check out and also share Jeanne Mancini’s statement on Twitter below:

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