Muscadine Bloodline, from Mobile, Ala., say they were influenced by Brooks & Dunn. “They were both excellent in their own ideal however much better together. That’s how we feel about ourselves!”(Courtesy Photo)

The Peacemaker Music Festival, now in its seventh year in Fort Smith, is "all around having actually a laid-ago time enjoying the music and outdoors through your friends and also family members," claims Ricky Beauchamp, co-president of the event board. "Not to point out it"s likewise one excellent substantial party on the river -- in a safe and also responsible method, of course! Having one overarching genre really puts human being through similar interests and individualities together to create a much more uniform vibe."

It was not always so.

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"The original vibe of the festival wregarding be all inclusive and also "culturally diverse,"" states Beauchamp, "by providing multiple genres of music. In time, the genre pool ended up being less and much less diversified."

Now, claims co-president Trent Goins, "we try to develop an setting that ... focuses approximately Americana and Red Dirt music. That sassist, I do not choose to specify the musical genres, as we"ve had some incredible rock "n" roll and also jam bands play the festival. We book our artists eight to 12 months in development and are always trying to pair acts that circulation well together on stage from the opening band all the way to the headliner each night."

This year"s headliners are Paul Cauthen on July 30 -- a musician Texas Monthly claims "sound choose the Highwaymales all rolled into one: He"s obtained Willie"s phrasing, Johnny"s haggard quiver, Kristofferson"s knack for storytelling, and also Waylon"s baritone" -- and also on July 31, Cody Johnkid, that landed 2 releases in the Top 10 of Billboard"s nation albums chart on his own CoJo label and earned recognition as the just unsigned artist in background to sell out NRG Stadium at RodeoHouston.

In between are Lucero, a Memphis, Tenn., band also that has been mixing "heartfelt lyrics" with the sounds of early on rock and roll, classical punk, country-folk, and deep-fried Southern heart because the 1990s; Prosper, Texas, singer/songwriter Tanner Usrey; family member newcomer Kylie Frey, "born and increased as nation as it gets ... a third-generation rodeo girl and Louisiana state goat-tying champion"; Cody Hibbard, an Asian-Amerihave the right to that flourished up on a farm in Oklahoma, functioned on the gas pipeline and also released his dehowever album appropriate before the human being shut down for a pandemic; and Austin, Texas, Americana legends Band also of Heathens.

Band also of Heathens was among the musicians brave enough to play the smaller sized Peacemaker Festival last summer throughout the covid-19 pandemic. The group was preparing for the release of a brand-new album, "Stranger," Jocelyn Murphy reported in What"s Up!, however if you only witnessed the video for the single "Today Is Our Last Tomorrow," you might have actually thought the album was developed in response to the state of the civilization.

""Today Is Our Last Tomorrow" was written before the people dropped apart, but I think at different times over the past few years, we"ve all had a passing feeling that the world was falling apart," Ed Jurdi, vocalist/guitarist/key-boards, told What"s Up! "I just do not think anyone could have actually predicted the level and magnitude of the earthquake that we"re still enduring.

"It"s difficult for the weight of the world to not have an impact on your smaller sized circle of household and also friends. It"s inescapable for that to finish up in our music," he went on. "There"s an exciting relationship in between just how the huge "exterior world" creates introspection and self-assessment of all of the smaller sized type of day-to-day things that we"re going via as people. As a songwriter and also an artist, the goal is to present my perspective, whether that"s macro or micro."

Muscadine Bloodline -- comprised of Mobile, Ala., musicians Gary Stanton on guitar and also Charlie Muncaster on vocals -- say although brand-new to Peacemaker, they"ve been on the road "about every weekend considering that we started in 2015." Of course, the coronavirus put them off their favorite venues, clubs where "you get 700-800 civilization packed in tight, and also it"s really one-of-a-kind," but they"re happy to lug their "hoswarm, harmony-pushed country via a rock edge" to Fort Smith.

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"We create all of our very own music. You can"t be an artist unless you compose it," the Brooks & Dunn fans add. "All of our songs are from our personal perspectives." And they say of the duo they crmodify for influencing them: "They were both great in their very own appropriate however much better together. That"s how we feel about ourselves!"

Having given a total of $500,000 to charities because the inception of Peacemaker, the duo of Goins and Beauchamp agree they desire to "just proceed to construct on our successes and also ... do not become complacent through them," as Beauchamp puts it. "I think I would eventually like to check out us capitalize on the brand and discover brand-new revenue avenues to proceed to support our mission and charities.

"Whether this could be done by a second festival -- that might lug us back full circle to a more varied genre lineup -- various other branded occasions, or with potential single mirrors at the amphitheater or other venues in town via different genres each time to proceed to flourish and expand to a various audience of civilization. I likewise agree through Trent as we would favor to assist contribute to some tangible beautification/advancement or added amenities of the downtvery own area."

At the same time, "the endure is just as much around the music and also a great time as it is exposing residents and also travellers alike to the beauty of the amphitheater along the banks of the Arkansas River and also what Ft Smith as a whole has to sell."