This is the most sh*t resting bag I have actually ever before provided in my life. Tright here is absolutely no means to resolve the damn chain.

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February 11, 2015

I bought the zero degree bag and also practically froze to fatality. It expense me a thru hike last year. This is even more prefer a 40 level bag rating. Day one, night one...the zipper tore and also cord in hood damaged. It was 4 levels and also I practically froze. Day 2 was closer to 6 level and I froze...I had to hike into town, rearea the bag. Not worth utilizing as toilet paper. I can have actually acquired much better quality from a teenager"s house ec job and also lighter weight.


Very heavyRating incorrect, 0 degree=40 degreeZipper breaks/snagsNot tear resistant at allDrawstrings breakNo repellencyStuff sack not duarable

I would not recommfinish this product to anyone unless I wanted them to freeze and acquire a destructive night"s sleep. The bag was uncomfortable. I nearly froze to death on the trail, and craftsmanship is garbage (to put it mildly).

I was on a budget so I figured I would go with a less expensive bag. BIG MISTAKE. I obtained in the bag, tried to zip it and also the zipper tore automatically. Day 1 usage 1.

I solved that and also prayed I would certainly be able to last the night (at least). I went to pull the drawstrings and also they damaged loose. I was like a frozen buritto. I exadjusted it a couple of days later on and headed back on the trail. Got out there and also the zipper on the new one snagged and also damaged again!

It is terribly hefty for backpacking and absolutely not rated effectively. If you simply can not afford a better bag...DO NOT GO OUT IN COLD WEATHER OR YOU WILL REGRET IT. The only means you would sleep well in this bag is if you are under 5"5" and extremely slender and also use it summer nights or maybe push it to at an early stage loss. 

Source: bought it newPrice Paid: $39.99


Yah, I observed these bags and also didn"t think the rating. It seems the cheaper the bag, the more optomistic the rating. I have actually this 40 deg bag that I when bought bereason it was inexpensive and packed really tiny, yet in fact it is occasionally not heat enough in the home. Historically, tbelow hasn"t been standardized rating of sleeping bags. Tbelow are some requirements now, but just the high end manufacturers seem to usage them. Even then, the actual capacity of the bag appears to be incredibly dependent on the user, and also becomes less reputable through the distinction from room temperature.

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March 25, 2010

I purchased this sleeping bag for warmth weather camping trips at the local lake. For fifteen dollars I wasn"t expecting (or needing) anypoint that would stand also up to freezing weather. Unfortunately the workmanship was even more than a little upsetting, also for that price.

Inside the sleeping bag, the manufacturer skimped on the softer inner lining, by making 4 inches approximately the interior zipper, and around 2 feet from the internal bottom of the bag, a stormy cheaper vinyl or nylon towel. Not just is it harsh to the touch, but noisy as well. And eexceptionally time you relocate your feet you gain to hear the crinkle of the towel on the bottom.

The zipper could use some job-related also...

What bothers me the many, (and also the major reason I gave it 2 stars) is that the towel is concealed and also not obvious till you gain it out of the package and unzip it every one of the means. If they wanted to skimp on fabric, it should have been supplied on the external and also bottom of the bag! Not on the interior wbelow comfort is the main worry.

I don"t mind cheap...but I don"t prefer to purchase a product and also then feel prefer company I just threw money at was trying to hide somepoint from me.

My suggestions is that you go for the 20 dollar Colemale model. Five dollars even more is worth it for a more steady zipper and better (and much less crinkly) cloth.

Design: rectangularFill: poly fillTemperature Rating: 40 levels F.

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Weight: 4 lbsPrice Paid: $15


January 8, 2003

I used this bag from February of 2002 to June of 2002 on the Appalachian Trail, and also I still have it. The first night out it was less than 14 levels F, and I had at least 50 nights under 40 degrees F. I can not say I was heat, yet I wasn"t shivering, freezing, or cold either, although I did wear 2 layers of clothes. I will not ever before buy an expensive resting bag after moving this cheapo, unmuch less I have the right to find a cheap bag that weighs a lot less.

I think the expensive bags are just marketing and overdesign, unmuch less you are going to the arctic. You deserve to buy an expensive bag if you think it will make you more hardcore, yet I will gladly tell everyone exactly how hardcore you are if you pay me to do so.

Design: rectangularFill: 3.5 lbs polyesterTemperature Rating: 40 degrees FWeight: about 5 lbsPrice Paid: $15