I provided Origins Stay Tuned Balancing Face Makeup while a teenager. I favor most coverage so that"s why I decided to usage this makeup. I need to say that it does administer wonderful coverage, yet unfortunately it offers a small as well a lot coverage. It was very thick and hefty feeling on my skin. If my challenge acquired wet at all (drinking a drink, etc.) then my confront would certainly streak and you might see wbelow makeup was lacking. I constantly had actually to keep makeup through me simply in case to make certain that I didn"t have streaks on my face wbelow the makeup was lacking. It was likewise simply really messy. Once I switched to a powder makeup then I realized simply exactly how messy this liquid makeup truly was. Not to cite I flew with sponges using this makeup because they were always drenched in makeup as sponges love to soak up this makeup. It never before felt dry on my confront either. I usage a creme-to-powder foundation and it dries so fast. This one never before felt favor it dried. I would not use this makeup aobtain unless they have changed it because the last time I tried it.





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I absolutely LOVE this balancing confront makeup! I"ve been making use of it for over 2 years and its my absolute favorite. I have actually had many type of discolorations on my face (because of a "pregnancy mask" via my third child) and I was trying to find a great structure to cover my skin. The girls at the make-up counter introduced me to this one, matched my exact skin color, and proved me how well it can cover. This structure is smooth and also creamy, yet as soon as wearing it you deserve to hardly alert you have it on. It almost goes on favor a luxurious skin cream. It covers and also spreads evenly, and also lasts all day long. I"ve never before had a problem through my make-up "melting" in the warm sunlight (and also I live in CA). It remains on and also covers what it needs to, and I still feel like I have a clean confront. I use this foundation, together with Origins challenge powder to collection it. I absolutely love that the Origins line also supplies natural ingredients and stays amethod from parabans in their make-up. I love this foundation so a lot, I have been providing it to my sisters for their birthday gifts!!




Great for Sensitive Skin

Due to aging, sensitive skin, the form of foundation I require has actually readjusted with the times. With so many type of assets on the market promising the customer so many kind of things, it becomes tough finding a product that not just functions yet it price reliable. Deciding to try Origins Stay Tuned Balancing Face Makeup was a blessing! Not only does it even out skin tones and gives my challenge a dewy look, I feel that the appearance of my skin has improved substantially.


Novi, MI


Origins Stay Tuned Foundation provides you dewy, glowing skin!

This structure has actually quickly come to be my go-to structure. The Origins sales civilization will uncover the appropriate color for you so no even more spending money on foundation that"s the wrong shade. It"s a liquid tool coverage structure. I"m an NC30 in MAC shades and also actually, 3 shades of this foundation would have actually worked fine yet I made a decision the shade Beach. From what I"ve watched, they do not have actually that many kind of shades for darker skintones yet they have actually a decent range of colors and also undertones.After some exploring, I"ve uncovered I prefer to usage this foundation just via my fingers. I don"t understand if that works ideal for everyone though. Also, I wouldn"t recommfinish this for those with oily skin because it can make you look oilier. I also have a few scars from acne so I include a small bit of concealer on peak however it provides pretty great coverage and also helps even out your skin tone. It gives a dewy complete but not oily on me and is certainly not matte. It"s a great day-to-day structure and I recommend checking it out.


Barrington, IL


If you can not uncover your shade below, it doesn"t exist!

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I am of English/Danish/French descent and, therefore, have skin that is very, VERY fair. Finding a foundation make-up that actually matches my skin and also doesn"t simply look favor a brvery own mask is incredibly difficult for me. I have actually actually been told by cosmetics salespeople for certain department save lines, "I"m sorry. We just do not have anypoint that will certainly job-related for you." Finally, someone told me around Origins. I had been joking that my face is as white as typing paper and that maybe I have to simply usage white keying correction liquid as make-up. My frifinish sassist, "Well, Origins has a shade dubbed "paper white." You need to attempt that!" I execute not understand if they really have actually a shade through that name, yet I carry out know that they actually have liquid structure that is pale enough to enhance even MY skin! Anvarious other really cool point about Origins is that they have actually different levels of coverage. You deserve to go from incredibly sheer to complete coverage and also acquire specifically the look you want. The foundation goes on very well, without streaking or blotching up on your skin. It is a pretty great value, as well. It costs significantly much less than many kind of other department store brands. And, as if all that were not enough, Origins is likewise exceptionally environmentally conscious. They offer a recycling regimen where you can return empty cosmetics containers to them, EVEN IF THEY ARE FROM ANOTHER BRAND, for recycling. I discover that pretty amazing! This is a win-win case for all!


Brawley, CA


Balancing Face make up is a must in my life

I believed that probably it really didn"t matter what brand also I obtained. I was certain that i must just go out and buy the cheapest one or the one that possibly was on sale. That is how I pick out many of my assets. But I was not sure around this. I offered to simply do that via consist of yet I was not getting the outcomes that I wanted to acquire. I would regularly feel slimmy and oily by the end of the day. I would hope that via the active life that I live tbelow would be consist of that could keep via through my active life style. I likewise worried b/c my new born was emotional my confront and also kissing and eating it when she was hungry and also i did not want her to eat and touch oil and stuff that she could not put in her mouth. the days i wear Origins "continue to be TunedTM" Balancing Face Makeup i have the right to hardly tell b/c i just feel so good by the finish of the day. I am happier b/c i am doing somepoint for my self and also making my self feel pretty at the begin of eexceptionally day and also that is what helps me remain in a great mood as soon as i have to continue to be up late nights