All the music from OITNB seachild 7, consisting of songs by Hayley Ross, Aldous Harding, French Montana, N.E.R.D, Sam Cooke and also even more.

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Orange Is the New Black seakid 7 marks the end of a period and also the soundtrack is as iconic as you would suppose.

As shortly as Orange Is the New Babsence initially aired on Netflix in 2013, it ended up being one of the many watched reflects in the background of Netflix. From the hilarious characters to the relocating storylines, it's impossible not to loss in love via the series. It's tough to imagine life prior to Piper, Taystee, Nicky, Daya, Red, Alex, Maritza, Gloria and also the remainder of the colorful personalities. (Pour one out for Poussey.)

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Eextremely season of OITNB additionally provides us with a brilliant soundtrack. Over the years the present has actually featured songs by everyone from Robyn to Bruce Springsteen and seaboy 7 may be one of the series' best soundtracks yet. Here's every track from seachild 7, from Sam Cooke to French Montana. (Never before believed I'd cite those 2 artists in the same sentence.)


Ovariety Is The New Black seakid 7 soundtrack. Picture: Netflix

OITNB seakid 7 episode 1 songs - 'Beginning of the End'

Hayley Ross - 'Tumbledown'

This song plays over Piper obtaining prepared to visit Alex in prichild.

Half Waif - 'Keep It Out'

This song plays over the finish credits of the episode.

OITNB seaboy 7 episode 2 songs - 'Just Desserts'

French Montana ft. Lil Wayne, Drake and Rick Ross - 'Pop That'

This song plays when Maritza is in the club at the begin of the episode.

Graham Bonnet - 'Night Games'

This song plays in the automobile once McCullough and also Dixon are driving to job-related.

N.E.R.D. - 'Lapdance'

This song plays as McCullough and also the remainder of the soldiers are watching the striptease in the army base.

Juan Cosme - 'Party En Marquesina'

This song is playing in the club just prior to ICE storm in and start detaining world.

Aldous Harding - 'No Peace At All'

This song plays at the end of the episode.

OITNB seachild 7 episode 3 songs - 'And Brvery own is the New Orange'

Bomba Estero - 'Corazón'

This song plays in the final scene wright here the Litcharea inmates are taken to the kitchen of the ICE detention centre and also over the credits.

OITNB seakid 7 episode 4 songs - 'How To Do Life'

Sarah Jaffe - 'Ride It Out'

This song plays as Piper is heading to work-related.

Digital Daggers - 'Save Us From Ourselves'

This song plays over the last scene featuring Taystee's heartbreaking moment.

OITNB seakid 7 episode 5 songs - 'Minority Deport'

Trills - 'Hush'

This song plays over the last scene and finish credits.

OITNB seachild 7 episode 6 songs - 'Trapped in an Elevator'

Emily Wells - 'I’m No Heroine'

This song plays over the end credits once Taystee is writing a letter to Cindy’s “sister” Monica.

OITNB season 7 episode 7 songs - 'Me as Well'

Wizardz of Oz - 'Light It Up'

This song plays while Piper is at the gym.

Andra Day - 'Rise Up'

This song plays over the end credits of the episode.

OITNB seakid 7 episode 8 songs - 'Baker's Dozen'

VÉRITÉ - 'Somewhere in Between'

This song plays over the last scene in the episode wbelow Piper tells Zelda about her continue to be in prichild.

OITNB season 7 episode 9 songs - 'The Hidey hole'

Rokotto - 'You & Me'

This song plays during among Lorna's flashbacks to when she was hanging out through her friends.

The Ronettes - 'Paradise'

This song plays throughout one more among Lorna's flashbacks, wright here she's uncovered on a hotel roof.

Suncollection Love - 'Reach Out'

This song plays as Lorna remembers she left her bag at a save.

The Stone Poneys - 'Different Drum'

This song plays as during Lorna's final flashearlier sequence at the end of the episode.

OITNB seaboy 7 episode 10 songs - 'The Thirteenth'

Young Ejecta - 'Welcome To Love'

This song plays as Piper tries to speak to Alex and also then Alex rejects her call.

OITNB seachild 7, episode 11 songs - 'God Bless America'

Gaby Moreno - 'Cucurucucu Paloma'

This song plays in the finale scene of the episode and also over the ending credits.

OITNB season 7, episode 12 songs - 'The Big House'

Sam Cooke - '(Somebody) Ease My Troublin’ Mind'

This song plays at the begin of the episode as Taystee is bring about meet her attorney.

Mirah - 'Lighthouse'

This song plays once Piper wakes up and stares out the home window in Zelda's apartment.

Sam Cooke - 'It's All Right'

This song plays as Cindy takes treatment of a patient at the retirement residence.

Sam Cooke - 'The House I Live In'

This song plays at the finish of the episode.

OITNB seachild 7, episode 13 songs - 'Here's Where We Get Off'

Regina Spektor - 'You’ve Got Time' (Chamber version)

This version of the show's design template tune relocations the original variation for the final episode.

Lucy Dacus - 'Yours & Mine'

This song plays appropriate at the beginning of the episode, just after the credits.

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The Mountain Dew jingle

This is the song that Suzanne sings as she gathers the inmates for a tribute to a beloved inmate.

Danielle Brooks - 'Seasons'

This song, created by Brooks who plays Taystee, plays over the credits of the last episode. The lyrics are a tribute to the present and also its characters. An a capella version is played over the finish credits and also the cast say their goodbyes.