S1 List of Songs and also playlist

A list of the songs supplied in order via a brief summary of the scene. Spoilers for those that haven’t checked out the episodes yet. Although, what are you waiting for?! ;)

Spotify playlist

Deezer playlist

Regina Spektor - You’ve Got Time

OST - supplied in the opening credits of eincredibly episode

Rilo Kiley - A Better Son/Daughter

supplied in the series trailer


Seakid 1 Episode 1 “I Wasn’t Ready”

The Staple Singers - I’ll Take You Tright here //Opening sceneNada Surf - What Is Your Secret? //Background music - Piper, Larry, Polly & Pete’s dinner/”Last Supper”Benny Latieven more - Let’s Move & Groove (Together)//Piper and Alex flashbackSanford/Jay/Doherty - Larry’s Proposal (OST)Katie Cruel - This is Not a Love Track // Final scene, simply prior to the credits *many thanks to oitnb.com*Jill Barber - Chances //Credits


Seaboy 1 Episode 2 “Tit Punch”

Luis Haseth - La Chola Civilizada //Background music - Daya goes to sheight to her mommy.The Symphony Orchestra of Bolshoi Theatre and Mark Ermle - TchaikovskyQueen of Spades, Opera - 6 //Piper tries to apologize to Red.Sara Jackkid Holman - For Albert //Piper is lying on her bunk and also her stomach growls*many thanks anon for the help*Greycoats - Prometheus, Glow! // Flashago - Piper explains to Larry exactly how the cleanse worksNada Surf - Almeans Love //Flashearlier - Polly and also Piper making soap* thanks raychulhomieg for the help*Betty Davis - Walking up the road //Taystee brand-new haircarry out scene.Sanford/Jay/Doherty - Crazy Peppers (OST) // Crazy Eyes provides Piper the peppersChasing Kings - Nice Guys // Flashago Piper and also Larry cleansing.Sanford/Jay/Doherty - Red Hot Chilli Peppers (OST) // Piper chewing the peppersSanford/Jay/Doherty - I Don’t Need Your Cornbreview (OST) // Alex gives Piper food and she throws it awayCaptain Planet feat. Brit Lauren - Get You Some //Credits


Seachild 1 Episode 3 “Lesbian Request Denied”

Sanford/Jay/Doherty - Bra and also Panties (OST) // Sophia putting on makeupSanford/Jay/Doherty - Don’t Make Me Cut You (OST) // Crazy Eyes throws pieFreestyle Fellowship - Ambassadors // Flashago - Sophia buying Michael shoesThe Stereotypes - Womales in Magazines // Flashback when Piper meets Alex (background music at the bar)tUnE-yArDs - Gangsta/My Hood //When Piper gets transferred.Boss - I Don’t Give a Fuck //Credits


Seakid 1 Episode 4 “Imaginary Enemies”

Sanford/Jay/Doherty - Everybody Loves Dayanara (OST) // Daya and also Bennett’s songEdvard Grieg - Op.46, In The Hall Of Mountain King // Mendez sings it during the bunk inspection.Dennis Coffey - Live Wire //Mercy’s partyShawn Lee & Princess Superstar (Concetta Kirschner) - Love Like This //(Mercy’s party music, heard in the background once Bennett gives Ms. Claudette her mail)Franz Schubert - String Quartet in A Minor IV, op 29: Allegro moderato //Ms.

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Claudette’s flashbackSaviours - We Roam //Lusexamine in his truck before returning the screwdriverSanford/Jay/Doherty - Fly On Little Wing (OST) // Credits


Seakid 1 Episode 5 “The Chickening”

The Velvet Underground - Sunday Morning //Opening scenesSanford/Jay/Doherty - The Magical Mystery Chicken (OST) // Piper chasing the chickenChicken (youngsters song) // Credits


Seachild 1 Episode 6 “WAC Pack”

Public Enemy feat. Large Professor & Cormega - Record the Thrown // Preparing for WAC campaignIvy - Disappointed //Piper and Alex flashearlier - Background party musicRoyce - Simon Says // Dance party in rec roomLittle Foot Long Foot - Kickchallenge //Credits


Seakid 1 Episode 7 “Blood Donut”

The Wellspring - Here to Stay // Larry, Polly and Pete at the barAceyalone - Cornbread, Eddie & Me //Watkid at the house party*thanks zippoflipper for the help*Drew Isleib - The Coast is Clear //Larry at the bar*thanks zippoflipper for the help*Sanford/Jay/Doherty - Enter the Healy (OST) // Final scene and credits


Seachild 1 Episode 8 “Moscow Mule”

Chaptabois - Winner //Larry buying all the newspapersThe Blaster Chickz - Vamonos Hasta Abajo // Maria walking around the dormsSanford/Jay/Doherty - Alex in the Dryer (OST)FitnessGlo - Southern Moon //Nicky confronts Red about Norma moving inJack Oblivian - Jealous Heart //Larry and friends celebrating at the barOBN IIIs - No Enemies //Nicky listening to music in the chapelWhispering Jack Smith - Baby Face //Credits


Seachild 1 Episode 9 “Fucksgiving”

Kelis - Milkshake //Piper and also Alex dancingGiuseppe Verdi Il Trovatore, Act III: “D Qual Tetra Luce” //Red listening to it in the kitchen once Pornstache entersLove as Laughter - Stakes Avenue //Flashback scene when Alex meets her dadPantera - Proud to be Loud //Flashearlier scene once Alex meets her dadThe Helio Sequence - The Meacertain // Thanksoffering dinner at Larry’sLeagues - Walking Backwards //Credits


Seaboy 1 Episode 10 “Bora Bora Bora”

Ace Reporter - Untouched and Arrived //Tricia’s flashback - Store background musicSanford/Jay/Doherty - Red Sees Red (OST) // Credits


Seakid 1 Episode 11 “Tall Men with Feelings”

Andree Belle - Variety Pack // Larry arrives at the radioJim Mize - Looking for You // Bennett and Mendez at the barSanford/Jay/Doherty - Toilet to Myself (OST) // Larry’s radio interview, background music (additionally used in episodes 3 & 6 and other scenes)The Dutchess & the Duke - Living This Life Makes It Hard //Credits


Seakid 1 Episode 12 “Fool Me Once”

Jem - Keep On Walking //Opening sceneChuck Prophet - Sonny Liston’s Blues // Mendez and also Bennett at the bar, background music.Boondox - Inbcheck out Evil //Used both during Pennsatucky’s first flashearlier and throughout credits


Seaboy 1 Episode 13 “Can’t Fix Crazy”

Run-DMC - Christmas in Hollis //Christmas Pageant auditionsO Come All Ye Faithful //Credits