Built for growth spurts! Give your kid our beautiful solid lumber chair currently, and at some point he'll take it to college! Both the seat and footrest change to fit tots, flourishing youngsters, also adults approximately 150 lbs. Built to last, and about half the price you'd pay somewhere else. Cushion had. Supports ...

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Gift: No

Pros: Easily Assembled, Easy To Clean, Stable, Durable, Comfortable

Best Uses: Toddlers

Describe Yourself: First Time Parent

I really wanted a chair that my two year old can get in and out of by herself and also one that actually went with our decor. This chair recorded my eye and also I have to say it is everything I had actually meant. I really love the truth that if vital I have the right to scoot her into the table all the way and she can"t gain out :) Like those times that she really needs to end up all those vegetables. She simply LOVES it, climbing in and also out is so easy for her. I love the truth that it"s adjusteady. I likewise love the reality that I can scoot it up to the kitchen respond to and also have her stand on the bottom step to help me through food preparation. It is MUCH safer than having her stand on a chair, given that I recognize she can get dvery own on her very own and also that she"s not too much from the ground.


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