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Prepositions expushing spatial relations are of two kinds: prepositions of location and also prepositions of direction. Both kinds might be either positive or negative. Prepositions of area show up through verbs describing says or problems, particularly be; prepositions of direction show up with verbs of activity. This handout faces positive prepositions of place that occasionally cause difficulty: at, on, and also in.

The handout is split into 2 sections. The initially explains the spatial relationships expressed by the three prepositions. The second examines even more closely the offers of in and also on.

Dimensions and also Prepositions

Prepositions differ according to the variety of dimensions they describe. We can group them right into three classes utilizing ideas from geometry: allude, surconfront, and also area or volume.


Prepositions in this group show that the noun that adheres to them is treated as a allude in relation to which an additional object is positioned.


Prepositions in this group suggest that the position of an object is defined via respect to a surchallenge on which it rests.


Prepositions in this team show that an item lies within the borders of a space or within the confines of a volume.

Notice that although in geometry surconfront and also location go together bereason both are two-dimensional, in grammar location and volume go together bereason the same prepositions are offered for both.

In light of these descriptions, at, on, and also in deserve to be classified as follows:

at .... point


on .... surface


in ... area/volume




All of these sentences answer a question of the develop, "Wbelow is _______?" but each provides different indevelopment. Before going on, explain to yourself the spatial connections displayed in each sentence.

1) locates a car in relation to a home, understood as a resolved point.

2) treats the house as a surface upon which another object, the roof, is inserted.

3) locates the residence within a geographical location.

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4) treats the home as a three-dimensional structure that deserve to be separated into smaller sized volumes, namely, rooms, inside one of which is a things, the fireplace.

Using "At"

At calls for further comment. Due to the fact that it is the leastern specific of the prepositions in its spatial orientation, it has actually an excellent variety of offers. Here are some of them: