A authorize exterior a South Lake Tahoe Fire Station welcomes citizens earlier to town after the lifting of the evacuation order Monday, Sept. 6, 2021. The rekind tvery own of some 22,000 was cleared last week due to the Caldor Fire.

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Here"s the latest information on the fire, evacuations, dameras and also closures. Indevelopment is transforming conveniently, so please check via local first responders for the many up-to-date indevelopment.

By nlinux.org Staff

Update: Sept. 9, 6:05 p.m.

Watch Cal Fire"s Sept. 9, 5 p.m. Community Meeting

Fire officials diminished some evacuation orders in Meyers near South Lake Tahoe Thursday yet are preparing for extreme weather conditions that could begin tonight right into Friday morning.

The location around the Caldor Fire will be under a red flag warning from 11 p.m. Thursday until 11 p.m. Friday as thunderstorms are forecast to bring high winds, feasible lightning and incredibly little bit rain. Officials sassist the change in the weather is slowing down any kind of added adjust to evacuations or road closures.

#RedFlagWarning in impact for central and also northern The golden state later on this day through tomorrow because of scattered dry thunderstorms and also gusty, erratic outcirculation winds. This is #CriticalFireWeather so usage caution outdoors. More tips: https://t.co/upBwccxXFO pic.twitter.com/m123ZGJAoW

CAL_FIRE) September 9, 2021

"Between the wind this day and also the terrain, and also for the first time sitting in Meyers today I felt that wind hit me and it was pushing hard and also I smelled fresh smoke for the initially time in days, which tells me that problems are altering," shelp El Dorado County Sheriff"s Office spokesperkid Simon Brown. "That"s why we"re being additional mindful."

Fire officials don"t anticipate needing to reinstate any type of of the evacuation orders that have been lifted, but told anyone still in an evacuation warning location to be all set to leave if required.

El Dorado County is updating an evacuation map below.

"The next 48 to 72 hrs will certainly be instrumental to our success on this occurrence," said Cal Fire Deputy Incident Commander Baraka Carter. "As soon as we deserve to, we"ll obtain you ago to your residence as conveniently as feasible."

In addition to the weather, firefighters sassist tbelow were still a variety of damaged trees that essential to be rerelocated east alengthy the Highmethod 50 corridor before more of the road can be reopened up or civilization might return to locations such as Kyburz and Silver Fork.

"There are multiple fire weakened trees, not simply about the highmethod corridor, but in and roughly the frameworks in Kyburz and Silver Fork," shelp Beale Monday through the National Incident Management Team and Cal Fire.

Residents of Grizzly Flats may get more indevelopment Thursday night and next steps to go back to their dwellings, according to Sgt. Eric Palmberg with the El Doraexecute County Sheriff"s Office. The town, which was devastated by the fire days after it began, stays under an evacuation order.

Update: Sept. 8, 6:41 p.m.

Firefighters are asking for patience as they job-related to rise containment on the Caldor Fire to reopen Highmeans 50 and also Highmethod 88, and also enable the 10,000 human being out of their homes to return.

"I understand tbelow is blue skies external appropriate currently and from a good chunk of El Doraexecute County you can"t view any type of smoke, and also world are starting to get frustrated that the two highmethods aren"t open up, that Tahoe"s not open," Cal Fire occurrence commander Charlie Blankenheim sassist.

Tbelow were no changes to evacuation orders or warnings Wednesday. While the fire is at 50% containment, crews are still struggling to contain the fire near Wlegal rights Lake on the north edge and also around Kirktimber on the southern edge.

Starting Thursday, meteorologists are forecasting dry thunderstorms for the location that could bring more powerful winds and lightning. A fire weather watch is in effect Thursday evening with Friday.

"We understand also it"s extremely difficult being out of your houses and also we"re doing whatever we have the right to to gain citizens back in their residences as shortly as possible," sassist operations section chief Kyle Jacobboy. "With those predicted winds, tright here still is potential for these areas to be influenced and we don"t want to pull the create as well quickly and also put people back in their dwellings."

Incident meteorologist Zach Tolby sassist the ideal possibility for thunderstorms will certainly be Friday from 4 a.m. to 10 a.m. Blankenheim said that while things are going well on the Caldor Fire now, the new conditions are concerning.

"Several various other fires in Northern The golden state in the last day or two have actually obtained some wind, and also some fires that were in sensibly consisted of standing have blvery own out and we had actually the majority of fire spreview," he shelp.

Update: Sept. 7, 7:08 p.m.

Watch Cal Fire"s Sept. 7, 5 p.m. Community Meeting

More than 40,000 civilization evacuated bereason of the Caldor Fire have actually been able to return to their dwellings in the past week as firefighters have actually increased containment, but officials shelp tright here is still a long way to go.

"Tonight we"re at 50% containment, which is a pretty massive feat over the last 3 weeks," Cal Fire incident commander Dusty Martin shelp. "However, that implies we still have actually 50% of this fire left, so tright here still is a lot more job-related that requirements to be done."

On Sept. 1, even more than 53,000 human being were under evacuation orders, according to the state Office of Emergency Services. As of Tuesday morning that"s dvery own to less than 10,000.

That includes not just the 22,000 residents of South Lake Tahoe, however countless citizens in areas such as Camino and also Pollock Pines on the west side of the fire. Grizzly Flat correct, which was hit specifically tough by the fire, stays under evacuation orders as officials work to clear the area of debris and other perils.

Highmethod 50 likewise continues to be closed. While officials extfinished access to Ice Housage Roadway over the weekfinish, there"s no estimate as soon as it will fully reopen.

"The totality Highway 50 corridor, there"s no risk from fire best currently, yet we have many weakened trees," Beale Monday with the National Incident Management Team and Cal Fire said on Tuesday.

Crews proceed to be challenged about Wrights Lake and the Desolation Wilderness, and also along Highway 88 and also Kirkhardwood.

Looking at the state all at once, Cal Fire Chief Thom Porter shelp Californians should stand up to the urge to think Labor Day marks the finish of summer and also the end of fire seachild.

“Some have actually turned to looking forward as if this is currently fall ... summer seakid is over. We’re appropriate smack in the middle of wildfire optimal seakid,” Porter sassist.

Autumn has traditionally been a time of the a lot of extreme wildfires in California, as vegetation is at its driest. The 2018 Camp Fire, which killed 85 civilization and also ruined a lot of the tvery own of Paradise, started in November.

Cal Fire’s long selection weather models for September via December don’t sell much reason for optimism.

“The whole state reflects drier, more wind occasions and large fire activity to continue,” Porter sassist.

Porter says if you see smoke, don’t assume someone else has reported it, call it in. And if you’re ordered to evacuate, leave immediately.

Update: Sept. 6, 7:30 p.m.

Watch Cal Fire"s Sept. 6, 5 p.m. Community Meeting

A day after downgrading evacuation orders for the virtually 22,000 occupants of South Lake Tahoe, fire officials ongoing to open up up areas on the west side of the fire roughly Grizzly Flats, and broadened the open areas of Highmeans 50.

"Along the 50 corridor, these unshed pockets are looking really excellent," said Erich Schwab, a Cal Fire incident commander. "That enabled us to lift those evacuation orders virtually all the means to Ice House."

See an updated map of evacuations in El Dorado County below.

Most of Grizzly Flats, which was devadeclared by the initial press of the fire virtually 3 weeks ago. is still under an evacuation order. Sgt. Ewell-off Palmberg via the El Doraperform County Sheriff"s Office said he"s hopeful tright here will be a mechanism to give residential or commercial property owners passes to visit their houses soon, but that it"s still not safe to let world earlier in.

"We literally have actually thousands if not 10s of thousands of trees that have actually melted and also the majority of those are going to be required to be cut down as risks," he sassist. "There"s an extremely huge amount of debris up tbelow. PG&E is making repairs."

Crews have actually had forward progression on the fire southeast of Meyers and South Lake Tahoe stopped for a few days, according to Jake Cagle, operations section chief via the California Interfirm Incident Management Team. He said spots in the Desolation Wilderness near Wlegal rights Lake to the north and also along Highway 88 close to Kirkwood to the south proceed to present challenges.

The incredibly challenging terrain of the Desolation Wilderness has made it hard to fight. Schwab shelp crews have to hike two hours in to the head of the fire, so they"re looking at dropping in crews by air who will camp in the wilderness and acquire offers dropped in to them. Cagle said Cal Fire is also making use of a "super scooper" aircraft to carry out water drops utilizing Lake Tahoe as the source.

As the day started, officials told crews to remain focused as they work-related to boost containment on the fire.

"We"ve obtained this thing, we"re wrapping our arms about it, we"re trying to take it down, but don"t obtain complacent on it," Stephen Vollmer, a Cal Fire fire actions analyst, sassist at a Monday morning briefing.

The fire is 48% included as of Monday evening, including many of the west side of the fire and also parts of Christmas Valley in the Lake Tahoe Basin. In addition to South Lake Tahoe, officials have lessened evacuation orders to warnings for many type of neighborhoods around Camino and Pollock Pines over the past few days.

Still, Cal Fire meteorologist Jim Dudley shelp humidity will be incredibly low approximately the fire Monday, with a slight uptick in winds, though nopoint favor what drove the explosive expansion of the fire weeks ago.

"We are drier than I have viewed on my 20 days on this fire ... and we"re going to obtain a little more wind on it," he sassist.

Cal Fire"s Tim Ernst sassist while firefighters have actually made the majority of progress, the location around Kirklumber along Highmethod 88 proceeds to offer crews troubles.

"It continues to display us we"re not out of the woods yet," he said.

Update: Sept. 5,7:11 p.m.

Watch Cal Fire"s Sept. 5, 5 p.m. Community Meeting

​Residents of the city of South Lake Tahoe can start returning house after mandatory evacuation orders were lifted in the city boundaries, as well as about the Lake Tahoe shore in El Dorado County Sunday.

The locations of Fallen Leaf Lake, Christmas Valley, Meyers and North Upper Truckee remajor under an evacuation order.

Find an updated map of El Doracarry out County evacuations here.

South Lake Tahoe Fire Rescue Chief Clive Savacool shelp occupants were gradually trickling ago after the order was lessened around 3 p.m.

"So much it hasn"t been a mad rush of cars, we"re happy to see that human being are slowly trickling in simply because the city does require time to gain prepared to have actually you back," he sassist.

Still, Savacool cautioned residents that solutions can be reduced as they rerevolve residence, and also that air high quality in the region continues to be bad. Barton Hospital has not yet reopened its emergency room, though he sassist neighborhood law enforcement with paramedic training are in the location.

"If you have any health problems, it might not be the best time for you to come earlier up," he said. "If you are in a area wbelow you"re safe, through great air quality, continue to be where you"re at. When you carry out come earlier, make sure you have actually your medications, enough groceries, and a complete tank of gas."

TIPS FOR RETURNING HOME:Ensure you have actually a full tank of fuel in your car. Get groceries prior to you return. Many type of businesses may still be closed and/or without their products. No deliveries have been permitted in so please be patient and all set. https://t.co/cjLtUgOHOW

— CHP South Lake Tahoe (
CHPSouthLake) September 5, 2021

The relocate is a sign of the development firefighters have made considering that winds eased about the fire on Thursday. That morning the fire was 25% consisted of, yet as of Sundayevening that had actually jumped to 44%. The fire has currently shed more than 214,000 acres and damaged even more than 700 homes.

Jake Cagle, operations area chief with the California Interfirm Incident Management Team, sassist containment increased around Christmas Valley and Meyers, taking away threats to South Lake Tahoe and also Nevada. He attributed regional fuel reduction procedures via assisting firefighters" efforts to save houses in the area.

"There"s some fuel therapy locations with below ... that have actually all been prepped in the past by the locals in there," Cagle sassist. "That is a really excellent stroke in tbelow, there"s a lot of reduction in fuels in tright here."

Cal Fire"s Tim Ernst described Saturday as a "very fertile day," but with an uptick in dryness that triggered some warm spots throughout the fire zone.

The Wright"s Lake location remains a top priority, wright here the fire continues to press against the line. "No dramatic runs, just the majority of difficult work-related there," Ernst shelp, including that they"re pumping extra water right into the location, but that access is a challenge.

On the southeastern edge, tright here is no fire in Kirkwood"s bowl, but it continues to be a battle for firefighters, too. Cal Fire Division Chief Ewealthy Schwab shelp no frameworks have been influenced roughly Silver Lake.

The weather will certainly remajor favorable to fire-fighting, yet tright here might be some winds that encourage fire growth.

Update: Sept. 4, 7:27 p.m.

Fire crews ongoing to take benefit of better weather approximately the Caldor Fire to minimize evacuation orders and also boost containment on the wildfire that started close to Omo Ranch specifically three weeks ago.

Orders were reduced both on the west side around Pollock Pines in El Doraexecute County and on the eastern side in Douglas County, Nevada, wright here all residents are being permitted earlier, though some locations remajor under warning.

"It"s just an amazing task from wbelow this fire initially started to wbelow we are this day," sassist Rocky Opliger, incident commander via California Intercompany Incident Management Team 4. "We have been very fortunate the last couple of days with some mitigating weather to enable our firefighters to really take an aggressive technique."

As of Saturday evening, the fire was 43% contained, up from 32% just 24 hrs back. At least 920 frameworks have been damaged, including 712 houses, and even more than 214,000 acres have melted.

Some hot spots remained, particularly to the north around Wcivil liberties Lake and the Desolation Wilderness, and to the south alengthy Highway 88 close to Kirkhardwood. Still, firefighters said no homes or structures have been ruined in those locations, and also they reprimary optimistic in containing the risks tbelow.

"No fire has affected Kirktimber itself, it has not come in the bowl, and also the fire dvery own right here approximately Silver Lake has actually not impacted any kind of of the frameworks," Cal Fire Division Chief Erich Schwab shelp.

Schwab shelp tright here are still pockets of warmth along Highmeans 50, too, however he"s hopeful that those might be included in the following day or 2.

"If they can gain those knocked out, they deserve to start releasing evacuations all the means to Ice Housage Reservoir," he shelp.

Officials cautioned civilization returning to their residences to watch for damaged trees or other perils, and also to be mindful there will still be a big number of firefighters and various other tools.

"So do not be surprised if you check out a big force of fire folks within that location," shelp Cal Fire legislation enforcement liaiboy John Davis. "They"re there to proceed mop up and also patrol and also to primarily assist folks. If you have pertains to out tright here, hit them up and they will certainly attend to those pertains to and also answer concerns."

There isn"t a timeline to lug people house in the South Lake Tahoe area, though fire crews said they were happy with progression in protecting frameworks in the area.

Officials with both South Lake Tahoe and also Douglas County said returning citizens should be conscious not just of potential effects of fire, yet a boost in bear task about houses.

"You"re going to notification a far-ranging rise in bear activity," Douglas County Sheriff Daniel Coverley said. "As you"re ameans from your house, the activity roughly your residence has actually lessened and the bears have end up being even more comfortable."

Both agencies asked you to contact neighborhood legislation enforcement"s non-emergency lines or animal regulate if you view or suspect a bear is in or close to your house.

Update: Sept. 4, 8:55 a.m.

Fire crews fight the Caldor Fire simply southern of Meyers, Calif. on Tuesday, Aug. 31, 2021.Andrew Nixon / nlinux.org

The Caldor fire stayed calm overnight on Friday as temperates stayed cool. Firefighters are currently focusing on holding containment lines, in especially at hot spots on the northeast and southerly edges of the blaze.

The south side of Echo Lake is the many energetic location of the fire, where it is moving back toward the lake"s edge.

CalFire"s Tim Ernst shelp "yesterday was a monupsychological day" bereason hundreds of residences were secured and citizens were able to rerotate.

Firefighters are focusing on locations atCaldor"s north edge, wbelow the blaze proceeds to try to push right into Desolation Wilderness, according to Ernst.

Weather will certainly remain favorable for firefighters on Saturday and possibly through Labor Day weekend.

Update: Sept. 3, 6:35 p.m.

More El Dorado County occupants will certainly be able to return to their residences shortly as a variety of evacuations were lifted on the west side of the Caldor Fire Friday, through firefighters increasing containment under boosted weather conditions.

The entire west finish of the fire is now contained, according to maps shared in the time of a Friday afternoon briefing. That allowed officials to alleviate evacuation orders to warnings in some parts of Sly Park, Pollock Pines and Grizzly Flats. The areas currently open up are:

South Sly Park: South of Starkes Grade Road, north of Sly Park Creek, eastern of Pleasant Valley Roadway up to and also including the Diamond Garnet subdivision.Grizzly Flats West: East of Highmethod E16, west of Steely Ridge Roadway, South of the North Fork of the Cosumnes River and also North of the Middle Fork of the Cosumnes River.Happy Valley: All properties accessed from Happy Valley Road.The area explained as South of Pleasant Valley between Bucks Bar Roadway and Newtown Roadway, East of Bucks Bar Road to Mt. Aukum Roadway. This contains the location of Gopher Hole Roadway and Moonshadow.The location described as South of US Highway 50, North of Starkes Grade Road, East of Snows Road and West of Fresh Pond.

As of Friday evening, the fire was 32% had and also had actually shed 213,270 acres.

Incident Commander Dusty Martin said the lifting of evacuation orders was a sign of the progression firefighters made close to wright here the fire started virtually 3 weeks ago.

"That likewise shows a little bit of the rotate in the event for us on the west zone," Martin sassist. "That"s obtaining us earlier to that repopulace."

Officials sassist firefighters will remajor in the newly opened up locations, and occupants returning to their homes should watch out for tools as they come earlier.

"Our folks are going to be in and out of your driveways," sassist Beale Monday via the National Incident Management Team and also Cal Fire.

Eric Palmberg via the El Dorado County Sheriff"s Office said that some areas are slowly being repopulated to ease the strain on water and various other resources. He likewise said it might take much longer to reopen the entirety of Grizzly Flats, where many houses were destroyed, to clear debris from the area.

There are some energetic locations throughout the fire perimeter on the eastern, north and also south edges of the fire, though firefighters were optimistic Friday evening. Jake Cagle, operations section chief through the The golden state Interfirm Incident Management Team, sassist firefighters were having success keeping the fire ameans from homes in the Lake Tahoe Container.

"Everything via Christmas Valley in the interior looks really great," Cagle sassist. "We"re going to continue to have actually a existence in that location, we want to gain that wrapped up so we have the right to occupational on doing repopulace down the road for you."

Update: Sept. 3, 8:30 a.m.

The Caldor fire calmed aobtain over Thursday night, via firefighters able to develop even more manage and limit its growth.

Tim Ernst with Cal Fire supplied the words “cautiously optimistic” to describe Thursday’s fire activity, where he claims tbelow were “no significant fire runs.”

The Wlegal rights Lake area was firefighters “greatest priority,” Ernst said, and also there continues to be lots of occupational in that area to safeguard residences and also frameworks. The fire is still spotting in some areas.

Near South Lake Tahoe, Ernst claims firefighters did many good occupational managing the fire close to Heavenly valley.

Firefighters enhanced containment to 29%. The fire has actually melted 212,907 acres.

The weather forecast is for ongoing light winds, because of cooler weather and also an inversion layer.

Update: Sept. 2, 7:04 p.m.

Lighter winds offered firefighters an chance to make development on the Caldor Fire Thursday, after three days of intense fire weather.

"With the decrease in winds, we"re seeing a lot of decrease in fire activity, which is excellent for the resources on the ground so we deserve to get in there and mop up all those hot spots," shelp Stephen Vollmer, a Cal Fire fire actions analyst.

Cal Fire meteorologist Jim Dudley said the lighter winds can stick about via the weekfinish.

As of Thursday night, the fire is 27% had and also has burned210,893 acres.

On the west finish of the fire, Cal Fire Division Chief Ewealthy Schwab said that the last active location southern of Pollock Pines (near where the fire started) might shortly be consisted of, which might rate up enabling inhabitants to rerevolve. Some evacuations were lifted Thursday in the Omo Ranch location.

"If we do not gain any heat signatures alongside the line, this line will certainly revolve black, we"ll pull hose lays out of that and look at repopulation in the next day or 2," he shelp.

Nat an early stage 48,000 human being reman evacuated in El Doraexecute, Amador and also Alpine counties, and residents in Douglas County, Nevada.

Jake Cagle, an operations section chief through the California Intercompany Incident Management Team, shelp that crews were able to protect houses and businesses in the Christmas Valley in the Lake Tahoe Basin, though the fire stayed active at the head of the fire northeastern of Meyers.

"Things are looking really good in Christmas Valley," Cagle shelp. "Tright here were some reports of spots, however tright here were no spots the crews might uncover. We"re being incredibly aggressive through that bereason that"s a priority for us, the structures in there."

Despite the favorable problems, the Caldor Fire stayed energetic in multiple areas. Crews were still struggling to contain wbelow the fire jumped Highmeans 88 close to Kirklumber, and the fire is also founding to burn into the Desolation Wilderness.

Schwab shelp crews would certainly attempt and also force it right into the hard granite locations in the wilderness, however the very dry conditions were making that difficult, on both the north and southern sides of the fire.

"If there is one stick out tright here in the rocks, it will certainly burn ideal currently," he said.

Update: Sept. 2, 7:13 a.m.

A red flag warning in place considering that Monday ultimately expired overnight and crews are hoping boosted problems will help as they battle to defend houses and also structures on multiple fronts of the Caldor Fire.

Winds are expected to continue to be calmer Thursday, however humidity will certainly continue to be low, fueling dry problems that will make it straightforward for spot fires to spreview and also for islands of dry vegetation to spark and burn.

"With those dry problems we"re seeing now, we"re going to begin seeing those spot fires pop up that gained thrown out during the last two days" wind occasion," sassist Stephen Vollmer, a Cal Fire fire behavior analyst. "The problems are still dry, the temperatures are still high."

As of Thursday morning, the fire was 25% contained and had shed 210,259 acres. More than 600 homes have been damaged, and also damage assessment is continuous.

The fire ongoing to push north of Highway 50 toward Wlegal rights Lake, and also Cal Fire Operations Section Chief Tim Ernst shelp crews were working to defend residences in the area.

"We are seeing a lot of framework security need there," Ernst said during a Thursday morning briefing. "We have actually a great structure defense arrangement going on. Tright here are about 100 additional dwellings in there that are being protected."

Ernst shelp the fire was holding approximately Sly Park Roadway, southern of where Cal Fire was able to mitigate evacuation orders for some parts of North Camino and Pollock Pines Wednesday.

In the Tahoe area, the fire continued to be energetic roughly Trimmer Peak and also in the Christmas Valley near Pioneer Trail, wbelow Cal Fire has actually multiple crews attempting to protect residences. More than 53,000 civilization remajor evacuated throughout El Doraexecute County.

Firefighters are also involved about the fire spreading close to Kirkhardwood wright here the fire jumped Highway 88.

Thursday morning President Joe Biden declared a state of emergency in California. His administration has ordered Federal assistance to supplement state, tribal and also regional response initiatives because of the Caldor Fire.

Correction: A previous version of this story wrongly stated the containment percentage for the Caldor Fire. Oas of Thursday morning it is 25% included.

Update: Sept. 1, 6:23 p.m.

After weeks of being evacuated, some El Doraperform County residents are on the verge of heading back home as firefighters continue to obtain regulate on the Caldor Fire and spots on the far west side of the fire are mopped up.

Cal Fire officials on Wednesday downgraded the mandatory evacuation orders in components of North Camino and Pollock Pines. Those areas are north of Highmethod 50, west of Sly Park, south of Slab Creek, and east of Larsen Drive and also Snows Road.

“One of the things that we have to make sure we execute prior to we is to gain all of our tools out of your driveways, out of the roads, off the fire hydrants,” sassist Beale Monday, through the National Incident Management Team and Cal Fire. “We have actually fire hose spread out for miles out tright here.

“So please recognize we"re diligently working in those areas to make sure we acquire that equipment out of there," Monday sassist. "So when we carry out go to repopulate, we do not have web traffic jams with our folks and also you all as you carry out start to come ago right into the neighborhoods.”

The fire has actually required evacuations for even more than 50,000 people in El Doraexecute County approximately the Placer County line, including every one of South Lake Tahoe, some areas of Alpine County and also components of Douglas County in Nevada. (For a full list of evacuated locations, click right here.)

nlinux.org’s Scott Rodd spoke with Bill Crow, an evacuee, that at one point was waiting for someone to jump his car’s battery before he could get out of the area and head to Carboy City, Nevada.

“There’s nowright here else to go. Your selections are extremely limited, you understand,” Crow sassist.

While some locations are able to repopulate, firefighters still have actually a battle ahead of them. A red flag warning remains in impact until 11 p.m. Wednesday, and also strong winds continue to challenge crews as they try to minimize damages to building — which they’ve managed to perform in many type of parts of the burn location.

In spite of the Caldor Fire dropping into the Lake Tahoe Basin, many type of houses and cabins around Echo Lake are undamaged, according to reporters in the area Wednesday afternoon.

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The fire came over the ridge at Echo Summit Monday night, but so far fire officials have actually sassist there is little to no damage to structures so far.

The last you experienced of Christmas Valley on my timeline was most likely Mon night through the fire raging.Took this yesterday alengthy Santa Claus Dr. I didn’t check out any kind of damaged homes in the valley. Shows the hard job-related of firefighters+favorable shift in weather over last few days #CaldorFire pic.twitter.com/be1BJwD53V