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paterfamilias pay-tuhr-fuh-MIL-ee-uhs; pat-uhr-; pah- (noun) plural patresfamilias pay-treez-; pat-reez-; pah-treez- - The male head of a family members or the father of a family.

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"I"ll tell you what I am - I"m the darn paterfamilias! You can not marry him!" -- Ulysses Everett McGill, "O Brvarious other, Wbelow Art Thou"

Paterfamilias is from Latin pater, "father" + familias, "of the household or household," the archaic genitive create of familia, "family or family members."


quiddity KWI-deh-ti (noun) - 1 : The important nature of a thing, its character; 2 : a trivial problem, a quibble.

"Can we gain past the quiddities and also down to the quiddities of the issue?"

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Today's Word "renascent"

renclimb ih-NAS-uhnt (adjective) - Springing or increasing aobtain right into being; mirroring renewed vigor.

"After the failings and also anger over the present administration, a renclimb opplace motion waited to make the many of...Read More

Today's Word "erudite"

erudite AIR-yuh-dyt; -uh-dyt (adjective) - Characterized by substantial reading or knowledge; learned.

"My dear colleague, Dr. Mercier, you who are a poet of space geometry, and your erudite friends, you are the initially ...Read More

Today's Word "descant"

descant DES-kant (noun) - 1 : (Music) (a) A melody or counterpoint sung over the simple song of the tenor. (b) The top voice in part music. 2 : A discourse or discussion on a template.

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Today's Word "berate"

beprice ih-RAYT (transitive verb) - To scold sevecount or angrily.

"To crawl right into her bed, hug her pillow, and beprice herself for being a stupid fool. Berate herself and rid herself of the remnants of any lingering wisps...Read More

Today's Word "facile"

facile FAS-uhl (adjective) - 1 : Easily done or performed; not tough. 2 : Arrived at without due care or effort; doing not have depth; as, "too facile a solution for so complex a problem." 3 : Ready; quick; expert; as, "he ...Read More


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