This Song is supposed for Scouts BSA. Decide for yourself if it is proper for your younger scouts or not.Lyrics:My brvarious other Bill runs a still on the hill Where he transforms out a gallon or two (or three) And the buzzards in the skies obtain so drunk they have the right to not fly Just from sniffing that great ol" mountain dew. Chorus: They call it that great ol" mountan dew, And them that refuse it are few. I"ll hush up my mug if you"ll fill up my jug With that excellent ol" hill dew. My aunt Lucille had an auto, It ran on a gallon or two (or three) It didn"t need no gas and it went awful fast Running on that great ol" mountain dew. - Chorus My uncle Mort, he is sawed off and also short, He measures "bout 4 foot two (or three) But he thinks he"s a large once you give him a pint Of that good ol" mountain dew. - Chorus Old Auntie June had a brand new perfume, It had such a wonderful "pew" (pee-ew) But to her surprise, once she had it analyzed, It was nothing however that good ol" hill dew - Chorus My Uncle Art, he ain"t very smartHis IQ is just twenty two (or three)But he thinks he"s a wizard, as soon as he fills up hisgizzardWith that great ol" hill dew - Chorus My Uncle Hank bought an old army tankWay ago in "forty 2 (or three).It wouldn"t budge, "til he provided it a gludgeOf that good ol" mountain dew - Chorus I recognize a guy called Pete, his hair ain"t so neat, Though he fixes it with syrup and blue (what"s blue?) But it stays right in location as soon as he provides simply a map Of that good ol" mountain dew. - Chorus The preacher-he walked by, through a big tear in his eye Shelp that his wife had the flu (boo hoo) And hadn"t I ought just to give him a quart Of that good ol" hill dew. - Chorus My uncle Klaus had actually a actual mean old mouse It"d beat up a cat or 2 ( or three) When they asked exactly how it happened, He sassist it was a lappin" That excellent ol" mountain dew - Chorus There"s an old hollow tree, just a tiny means from me Wbelow you lay dvery own a dollar or two If you hush up your mug, then they"ll provide you a jug Of that excellent ol" mountain dew. - Chorus You take a tiny trash and also you mix it up with ash, And you throw in the soul of a shoe. Then you stir it awhile via an old rusty file, And they speak to it that excellent ol" mountain dew. - Chorus During the last war, we couldn"t obtain no more, We didn"t have actually no sugar for the dew With a couple of old potaters and a couple of ripe tomaters, We turned out some stuff, I"m tellin" you. - Chorus Old Deacon Crane took a trip in the rain, Sassist his wife had actually come dvery own with the flu, But she"ll be all right if you give her a pint Of that good ol" hill dew. - Chorus Mr. Franklin Roosevelt, he told me exactly how he felt The day the old dry regulation went through: If your likker"s also red, it will certainly swell up your head Better stick to that good ol" mountain dew. - Chorus Old auntie Bess had actually some hair on her chest.I asked her if she put it tbelow through glue.She said, "Heck No! It just began to grow,When I took up drinking hill dew." - Chorus My cousin Jake, he was bit by a snake.And the doc thought he wouldn"t pull via.But he up and danced a jig as soon as they offered him a swigOf that good ol" hill dew. - Chorus More verses ... The scouts yell all day and they prefer to play Maybe sing a song or two (or three) The essential might be wrong yet they"ll sing out solid For that great ol" Mountain Dew - Chorus The summer camp staff might certain usage a bath Maybe one or two (or three) They surely will laugh if you give "em a bath In that great ol" Mountain Dew - Chorus The racoons at night certain offer us a fright They come in by ones or twos (or threes) But we chase them off rapid once they come for our glass Of that good ol" Mountain Dew - Chorus The beachfront is good and also we hardly have the right to wait To swim for an hour or two (or three) The water will certainly fizz once we take a whiz After drinking that Mountain Dew - Chorus Now that we"re residence we still like the foam When we drink a can or 2 (or three) We"ll be earlier next year and then we"ll cheer For our excellent ol" Mountain Dew - Chorus Our old buddy Paul really is tallHe stands around six foot two (or three)He acquired that method from drinking each dayA six-fill of Mountain Dew- Chorus Our SPL Pete has negative stinky feetYou can smell "em for a mile or 2 (or three)But they smell awful sweet if you dose "em in DEETthen rinse "em via Mountain Dew- ChorusMy uncle Crocker, he was a boxerHe"d provide "em the old one 2 (or three)He wouldn"t fight, it simply wouldn"t be rightUnmuch less it was for his Mountain Dew- ChorusWe went up the Bascendancy, best prior to schoolTo kayak a mile or 2 (or three)We sure did row as soon as we had a goAt that good ol" Mountain Dew- ChorusThat darn IRS desires my money, God Bless!I"d choose to keep a dollar or two (or three)They"ll settle for less, if I fill up their glassWith that great old Mountain Dew-ChorusClick one to vote: Did you like it?
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Scout these days would certainly not understand this song and also it seems to promote drinking and also illegal tasks.

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Both are contrary to the Scout Law.