Most businesses are run in such a means as to rise revenue so that stakeholders have the right to benefit from the profits. Some, but, usage this excess money for various other purposes, choose charity or to grow the operations itself.

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Tright here are two terms for such a company, which, in this sense, is typically dubbed an organization. Those 2 terms are nonprofit and also not-for-profit.

Which is even more appropriate? If you aren’t sure whether to use not-for-profit or nonprofit, this short article will certainly assist you decide.

What is the Difference Between Not-for-profit and also Nonprofit?

In this short article, I will certainly compare not-for-profit vs. nonprofit. I will use each in a sentence and describe exactly how they have slightly different connotations.

Then, I will certainly present you a advantageous trick to aid you decide whether you must use nonprofit or not-for-profit in your very own writing.

When to Use Nonprofit

What does nonprofit mean? Nonprofit can be offered as a noun or an adjective.

As a noun, it refers to an organization that does not operate specifically for acquire.

As an adjective, it explains such an organization.

For examples,

Amanda began a nonprofit to help children through discovering disabilities.The homeless sanctuary runs a nonprofit thrift store.

Nonprofit is sometimes hyphenated to develop non-profit. Do not spell the word this means. It is incorrect.

When to Use Not-for-profit

What does not-for-profit mean? Not-for-profit is additionally a noun and an adjective.

Not-for-profit carries the exact same meaning as nonprofit in both of these contexts (noun and also adjective), but it provides a clearer photo of the corporation itself (more on this below).

For instance,

Shekels For Isaac operates as a not-for-profit food bank.I will register my medical exercise via the IRS as a not-for-profit.

Nonprofit is the older term, but it is rather misleading. It means that these service providers or organizations perform not operate at a profit. Most “nonprofits” actually make money, yet it is either reinvested to further operations or used for charity job-related. Hence, not-for-profit paints a much more accurate picture of the means surplus revenue is offered in these business models.

Bryan Garner states in Garner’s Modern English Usage, “Not-for-profit is thneed to expose more accurately that the function is not for exclusive acquire, though indeed the organization might profit.”

Which Term is More Common?

As you can see in the chart listed below, both nonprofit and not-for-profit have actually checked out raised use in current years. Nonprofit is still even more widespread, yet not-for-profit is acquiring ground.


This graph is not scientifically precise, given that it only looks at consumption in books written in English because 1800. It draws no information from newsrecords or tax files. It is still valuable for identifying a long-term intake trend.

Trick to Remember the Difference

Here is a beneficial trick to remember not-for-profit vs. nonprofit.

Not-for-profit and also nonprofit are interchangeable in current consumption. Which word you pick depends on your goal as a writer.

If you are composing in an scholastic or skilled setting and also value accuracy over familiarity, choose not-for-profit. It is much less common, but it more plainly illustprices the way these businesses operate.

If you are composing for an audience that would certainly not be interested in the nuances of not-for-profit finance, you can use nonprofit. Many readers are even more acquainted with this term, so it will certainly be less distracting. Do not use a hyphen, though.

You deserve to remember to choose not-for-profit for formal creating considering that it includes the word for, which creates the initially syllable of the word formal.


Is it nonprofit or not-for-profit? Nonprofit and also not-for-profit are interchangeable terms for a business or organization that uses excess revenue for various other functions than the benefit of stakeholders. Not-for-profit contains hyphens, however nonprofit should never before contain hyphens.

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Even though not-for-profit is even more exact, it is much less prevalent than nonprofit. You have the right to remember to pick not-for-profit in experienced writing because it contains for, which is likewise provided to spell formal.