Nonetheless, nonetheless
Nevertheless and nonetheless are extremely similar to despite that: they present that a 2nd suggest in some method contrasts via the initially.

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It is extensively accepted that Churchill was a great wartime leader. Nevertheless, he lost the 1945 basic election.(= He was a great leader, BUT he shed the election / DESPITE THAT, he shed the election.)
Nevertheless and also nonetheless are used in the same method, and also both are quite formal:He was always exceptionally important of his very own nation. Nonetheless / nonetheless, he never relocated abroad.
Nevertheless and nonetheless can follow but:Charles has lost most money on the investment, yet nevertheless / nonethemuch less he proceeds to be optimistic around it.They deserve to additionally begin a brand-new sentence or follow a semi-colon:He shed a lot of money on the investment. Nevertheless / Nonethemuch less, he continues to be optimistic.He shed most money on the investment; nevertheless / nonetheless, he proceeds to be optimistic.
We sometimes use nevertheless and nonetheless at the end of a sentence:The museum isn"t the best in the location, but it"s worth visiting nevertheless.

Still, mind you, nevertheless

Still vs. nevertheless
Still is much less formal than nevertheless.It wasn"t the best film I"ve ever before viewed. Still, I"m glad I observed it. It wasn"t the company"s finest year. Nevertheless, we made a huge profit.
We deserve to usage mind you and that said instead of still. They express an afterthneed to something we have just said:Bill"s constantly so impolite and also grumpy. Mind you, he did smile at me yesterday.

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Kate"s quite regularly late for work-related. That said, she often continues to be in the office till late in the evening.
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