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Currently I am finding out nlinux.org language. I found something that I do not know what it indicates.

Some people on the internet put their disclaimer using one sentence

I have actually no idea what I"m talking about

or somepoint with

I have actually no concept bla bla bla...

for instance,

When somebody states "you"re smart," make sure they do not expect "I have no principle what you"re talking about" - Ariana Lenarsky tweet.

I uncovered the interpretation of that sentence on random forum that "I have no idea" means "I do not understand at all". Tbelow is no clear explacountry, though.

What specifically does it mean?


"He has actually no idea what he"s talking about" would certainly indicate that the person in question is incredibly unqualified to be expushing the opinions he is expushing. If you meet someone that starts criticizing a band"s approach just because they"ve had 3 guitar lessons, you might say "he has actually no principle what he"s talking about!". Roughly "he lacks the expertise to have any kind of authority on the existing subject".

When offered to define oneself whilst providing advice, it about means: "through regards to the topic in question, my understanding is sevecount lacking. My opinion have to therefore be taken via this in mind."

This have the right to be supplied to a somewhat humorous result. Akin to "I"m a little bit of an idiot, yet here"s my answer".


Be mindful that this deserve to likewise be supplied sarcastically. Like a medical professional saying "I think his foot is broken, yet then aget, I have no concept what I"m talking around." Obviously, the doctor is qualified, but he would certainly include this to include added invective to his statement.


In enhancement to the other fantastic answers, the phrase, "I have actually no concept what I am talking about", once applied to ones own speaking, deserve to and the even more literal interpretations be an expression of modesty or a disclaimer.

So someone saying "I have actually no principle what i"m talking about right here but..." might well actually have actually a reasonable knowledge of the topic but either does not wish to appear arrogant or does not wish to be organized responsible for their advice by appearing to be an authority on the issue.


In this instance, the author writes something on a website but might not be incredibly certain of the accuracy of what he composed. To warn readers and to protect himself from being penalised, he uses this expression in a half-joking manner. It around suggests the very same as

I carry out not fully understand the topic I am creating about.


People mainly use I"ve no concept what I"m talking about if they"re not as well certain about what they"re uttering. It perhaps bereason the speaker himself doesn"t understand what he is talking about or bereason he understands that what he is stating might not be completely true. When a perchild wants to be humorously apologetic and also excuse himself for his folly, he says I"ve no concept what I"m talking about.

I would certainly say that it is an extra decent way of saying "Oh God! I am blabbering ."

This video might assist you understand the usage much better.

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Being as literal as feasible, you deserve to consider this expression a slight abbreviation of the expression "I have actually no concept I"m talking about."

An concept is a "thought or idea as to a feasible course of action." (OED) In order to create such a thought about a topic, you have to have actually some level of expertise around that topic. As such, advertising you have actually no principles around a topic is a widespread method of admitting your absence of understanding on that topic.

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