Do you ever before have those days when your brain goes on hiatus and you have no principle what to do? You’re sitting on the fence about every little thing — or simply one thing in specific.

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Maybe you’re having your morning coffee or sitting at your desk at work-related wondering . . .

What’s the best option for this situation?What are my priorities?How can I fix this problem?

And your brain responds through, “Duh. I don’t know what to execute.” You gaining nopoint. Crickets. A blank space wbelow grey matter should reside.

It’s favor your capability to make a decision, to choose, or to take mindful activity has actually just been erased from your cognitive operating mechanism.

Eincredibly option you think about feels prefer eating chalk. Eexceptionally action you start to implement appears unmotivated and also empty. What’s happening? Why have actually you flat-lined?

Help! I Don’t Know What I Want to Do

We’ve all had times as soon as the answers to your the majority of pressing questions or difficulties simply don’t materialize. I’m not talking about those days when you’re sick or exhausted or PMS’y or stressed out.

I’m talking around a continual day as soon as things need to be ticking along normally, yet out of the blue, you’ve morphed into a piece of dry toast.


When I’m in these cases and also try to pressure myself to pick or decide or act, eextremely fiber of my being resists my initiatives.

The resistance then sends me right into a panic because I’m not accomplishing, or I’m stuck in limbo about a decision and can’t move forward.

But over time, I’ve had actually to accept tright here will be days when I don’t understand what I’m doing with my life or even my day. I will certainly be perplexed, indecisive, unmotivated, or uninspired.

I’ve found means to make the best usage of these fuzzy or uncertain days and acknowledge that maybe my brain is trying to send me a message — favor, “Give me a break!” Or possibly just, “Give me some time to type this out.”

What to Do When You Have No Idea What to Do: 15 of the Best Ideas

1. Sheight fighting it.

Just accept you are having a fuzzy, perplexed, indecisive, non-activity oriented day. Who knows why. It doesn’t really issue. It’s happening, so possibly your subconscious knows somepoint you don’t.

Maybe your brain demands to recharge. So be sort to yourself and also accept that occasionally our “inner knowing” knows finest. If you fight it, you are simply adding even more tension and also unhappiness to your day.

2. Talk a walk.

Or a run. Or a bike ride. Just obtain exterior and also acquire some modest exercise. Get the blood pumping, the endorphins going, and your body relocating.

There’s just somepoint around being outside and moving roughly that gets rid of the head. And even if it doesn’t completely regain brain attribute, you’ll burn some calories and also feel better physically. That counts for something.

3. Do mindmuch less work.

If you can’t think of something truly productive or make a critical decision, then simply clear your desk. Or pack the dishwasher. Or clean out your email.

Pick some easy job best in front of you that doesn’t call for tough decisions or intense assumed. You’ll still be accomplishing somepoint, even if it isn’t the big point you think you need to be doing or deciding.


4. Discover somepoint brand-new.

Use this time to read a blog or book or listen to a video or podcast about something you want to learn or end up being more skilled at.

Don’t put push on yourself to learn something facility or tough. But simply review or listen and also absorb what you can without stressing.

Perhaps whatever you are drawn to finding out will open up your mind around the point you are confused about. It could open up doors to a brand-new path forward or give you a response you were seeking.

5. Borrow a brain.

If you’re at job-related or a area wbelow you must percreate (or hazard the wrath of others), then ask someone you respect and also trust to assist you out.

Tell them you are having an off day, and you need some guidance on a decision or priority action. Sometimes it helps to have someone tell you what to execute without having to decide.

Or you have the right to borrow the brain of a mentor or counselor to help you kind with your inertia or confusion. Having someone ask you probing questions that you may not have actually taken into consideration goes a lengthy means in clarifying what to perform next.

6. Try meditation.

Sit quietly for 10-15 minutes, breathing progressively and also watching your breath. Allow your thoughts to drift by without judging them. Continue to emphasis on your breathing, gently pushing thoughts aside as they aincrease.

Meditation have the right to calm and balance you and help clear your mind of the racing thoughts that can be blocking your capability to focus and attribute. With a clear mind, there’s more room for ideas and answers.

7. Do something artistic.

Creativity promotes problem-resolving and also reduces stress and anxiety and stress and anxiety. It puts you in a state of flow that fosters clarity and understanding.

Give yourself an hour break and go execute something creative, something you can feel passionate about. Draw, prepare, garden, paint, play an instrument, dance, compose a poem, anypoint that permits you to gain in an imaginative circulation.


Whatever before you perform, don’t judge the creative procedure or connect meaning to the outcome. Just reap the relaxation of the task.

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8. Assistance someone else.

If you don’t understand what to execute for yourself, then perform somepoint for someone else. Offer to help out a co-worker or a neighbor. Write a letter to an old frifinish. Call someone who’s been going through a difficult time. Spcheck out a little ripple of good.

It’s hard to feel like you aren’t achieving something — even something tiny — once you are making a distinction in someone’s life.

9. Write a list.

When we are feeling perplexed and also fuzzy, sometimes it’s advantageous simply to put it down on paper. Write down all of the decisions, choices, and actions you are mulling roughly. Just make a list of them.

Organizing them on paper helps you organize your brain. You may not have the ability to take action this day, however you’ll have actually the list handy as soon as your brain revives tomorrow.

10. Take the initially logical step.

Maybe you are confused or indecisive, however you have an inkling about the ideal first step. Or you have a series of possibilities, and one of them stands out simply a bit even more than the others.

Go ahead and also take the first logical step, even if you aren’t certain it’s the ideal step.

Taking one step forward in the direction of a feasible option or outcome isn’t going to up-end your life. In truth, it can provide even more clarity and also emphasis.

We have the right to acquire so stuck in our heads that taking any kind of activity at all feels frightening. But action creates momentum, and that may be exactly what you need to move forward.

11. Try journaling.

Use this time of uncertainty to gain every one of your thoughts and also feelings down on paper. Ok, so you don’t know what to about (fill in the blank).

What are the options?What are the feasible outcomes of the options?How will those outcomes affect you and also those about you?Which alternative makes you feel the many and least stressed?Why does a certain choice stress you?Is that anxiety worth the potential outcome?

Write it all dvery own and also don’t think around it. Just obtain it on paper and also out of your confused brain. Then put your journal away for a few days and come back to it later to read what you’ve written.

You may discover you’ve got insight as you recheck out your thoughts. At the incredibly leastern, you’ve reduced some anxiety by releasing some of the mental anxiety.

12. Do some research.

You aren’t the first perchild in the people to have actually experienced your certain problem or problem. Google it, and also you’re likely to uncover gobs of indevelopment and also stories of civilization who have actually challenged the very same decision or have actually sought the very same thing you’re seeking.

Just reading that you’re not alone is comforting, yet better yet, you might uncover some answers in the actions others have actually taken regarded your situation. You may additionally uncover forums or social media teams wright here you have the right to acquire feedearlier and also concepts.

13. Look to your previous.

You haven’t hit this brick wall through eextremely trouble or decision in your life. Tbelow have actually been times when you’ve recognized what to carry out, made the ideal decision, or forged a course that worked out for you.


Think around some of these specific situations in the previous and ask yourself just how you knew what to execute. What led you to the choices and also decisions you made and also just how did you formerly overcome inertia, indecision, confusion, and also self-doubt?

Are there any past tools you supplied that could help you now?

14. Reduce your options.

You can have actually so many type of options or selections in life that you feel overwhelmed. Choice overfill is a concept that was first presented in Alvin Toffler’s 1971 book, Future Shock. Having even more choices can result in dissatisfactivity, regret, and also the fear of lacking out.

You feel paralyzed with indecision and unable to act. These feelings can develop that foggy sense of not discovering what to do around anything, also some of the smallest choices you make in the time of your day.

Minimize decision exhaustion by streamlining your options — both concerned the point you don’t know what to execute about and also in your life in general. You deserve to easily minimize your options in the food you eat, what you wear, and also the routines you follow eextremely day.

15. Do nopoint.

Whoa, what a principle. What if you took a mental wellness day. Go play hooky. Sit in the park and review. Watch a movie. Meet a friend for lunch. Allow yourself to have actually fun this particular day without guilt or stress and anxiety.

Or possibly you decide to allow life to unfold as it may without having actually to pick or decide. Sometimes points just work-related out the way they are meant to.

If you perform nothing for a while, some of the points you don’t understand what to perform about will certainly deal with without your

What will certainly you execute when you don’t understand what to do?

Inevitably you’ll have actually a day or a month or also a year when you don’t recognize what to perform via yourself or your life. This time of confusion and also uncertainty can be painful and also frightening bereason a lot of of us are accustomed to figuring points out without also a lot challenge.

But you don’t have to let this duration threaten your self-confidence or make you question your judgment.

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Practice one or even more of the 15 procedures outlined right here, and make the finest of your lack of clarity. Be patient and recognize that life is forever before changing — with or without your input. You won’t be stuck forever before.