Consider this mystery… SSSMOKED!

In my heart of hearts, Nintendo Power will never die. If you were an Amerideserve to Nintencarry out gamer in the late ’80s to early ’90s, this monthly rag granted you unfettered access to a human being of insider news and also gossip that made you the envy of eincredibly schoolyard game jockey. The magazine itself might be gone, yet its heritage is immortal.

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Over the course of nearly 25 years, a variety of attributes and also occasions inside and external the pperiods of Power became legendary — the Super Mario and also A Link to the Past comics, the Star Fox 64 promotional VHS, EarthBound‘s literally stinky ad project. But among the the majority of inwell known was the ill-fated The Mask II Player’s Poll Contest.

In Vol. 77, publiburned in October 1995, Nintencarry out available one lucky winner a spot as an added in the sequel to the smash hit activity comedy The Mask. Production on the movie was stopped incertainly after Jim Carrey declined to repclimb his duty, which also intended that whoever before won the challenge was boned. The Nintenperform Power editorial staff did eventually deliver a public apology… in the final concern. What happened in the 17 intervening years? Was the winner awarded an proper consolation prize, or did the Big N leave the boy high and also dry?

Well, why don’t I just ask him directly?

The Player’s Poll Contest on pperiods 82 and 83 of Vol. 77.

I’ll leave you through Nathan’s thoughts regarding Nintenexecute Power‘s closure: “It’s a bit sad whenever before somepoint from your childhood goes amethod. It was choose that save that you really used to favor but hadn’t been to in years that ‘suddenly’ closes dvery own. It’s a little of nostalgia that kids nowadays will certainly recognize nopoint around, and also that, I think, is the worst part.

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“My subscription ended in 1999 (still have actually all my back issues), so when it all finished, I wasn’t surprised. I had actually quit caring as a lot, as had actually the majority of civilization approximately me. I was the last of my friends to have a subscription. I really don’t think my situation was an isolated event. But for those of us who had actually a subscription, it was a magical endure. Every month, you had the inside edge on all the newest games. You could get your friends with any type of level, uncover all the keys and also recognize all the codes. There was no YouTube, no Wiki, no walkvia. You had to have actually the Power.