I uncover most of the Night Gallery horror segments to be kind of horror-lite. They’re horror in the sense that they’re filled via fixtures of the genre — gothic sets, ghosts, and so on, but that’s about it. This is an exception.

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This is a hard-hitting segment, and also perhaps the ideal so much not to have been written by Rod Serling. Set in medieval Wales, this is a truly original story entailing sin-eaters, world that feast alongside corpses to absorb every one of their sins so that they go to heaven.

The Widow Craighill (horror legend Barbara Steele) desperately needs a sin-eater for her late husband, though she’s been increated that nobody is obtainable. She ultimately finds a volunteer in a starving young man, Ian Evans (Richard Thomas), who desires to carry out it because his father is sick and also unable to work.



Ian doesn’t recognize what he’s doing, though, and his mother tells him to sort of make it up as he goes along, simply so long as he screams at the right moment once the sins are supposedly moved to him.

As he perdevelops the task, he takes all the food he have the right to and also is convincing in his screams.



He forgets his money as he leaves in a hurry to go eat actual food. When he arrives earlier, he finds that his father has actually passed away, and also his mother asks that he perform the sin-eating task aget.

He does so, and his screams this time roughly are absolutely agonizing.

I’d certainly contact this segment unsettling, and it is exceptionally efficient. All the performances are solid, specifically Ricdifficult Thomas, who knocks it out of the park.

You Can’t Get Aid Like That Anymore


Director: Jeff CoreyWriter: Rod Serling

“You can’t Get Help Like That Anymore” isn’t overtly comedic, however it is exceptionally silly. It requires a robot mhelp (Lana Wood, Diamonds Are Forever), who’s mistreated by the Fulloads (Broderick Crawford and Clois Leachman).

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As one might suppose, things revolve violent. It’s a decent segment, but nothing spectacular. But it’s a good sustaining story because “The Sins of the Fathers” is so plainly the highlight right here.________________________________________________________________Rating: 8/10

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